The Melon Season from Brazil is About to Start – Get Ready with MSC


The Melon Season from Brazil is About to Start – Get Ready with MSC


Melons contain a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and they also make for a refreshing and healthy summer snack.

Brazil, with its favourable climatic conditions, is ideal for growing sweet, juicy melons and this has made it one of the top melon-producing countries in the world, as well as the leading supplier to European consumers. As of today, Brazil exports over 250,000 tons of the flavourful fruit to customers across the Atlantic every year and the demand keeps growing.

As a world leader in global container shipping, MSC has developed a solid expertise in transporting perishable cargo. Building on our shipping and intermodal worldwide coverage, we have been helping farmers and exporters for years, counting on a local presence of over 23 years in Brazil and offering global service with local knowledge, going above and beyond to ensure our customer’s cargo arrives at destination expeditiously and in the best possible condition.

With the melon season approaching, find out why MSC is your trusted partner for efficient and reliable transportation and logistics services, to connect you to consumers in Europe and beyond.

Choose the fast way for your melons
Transporting melons across the Atlantic in pristine conditions is a complex process and MSC customers can find in us a first-class expert. Today, we are the number one shipping line in refrigerated cargo, from Brazil to the world. We offer fast, reliable, and frequent services that connect the country with the main markets, including Europe.

Shipping melons requires the highest level of care and a specific temperature control to make sure that the product reaches its final destination with the same taste, freshness, texture and aroma as when it was harvested. At MSC, we follow highly-standardised control procedures to guarantee the best possible transport conditions from pick-up to delivery. Our optimum cooling solutions are perfectly complemented by an unmatched level of knowledge and passion. 

You can count on us to offer:

  • High-frequent sailings from northeast Brazil to Europe and beyond
  • Short transit times from Brazil to key fruits hubs in Europe: the service from Pecém to Valencia and Rotterdam can respectively take as little as 9 and 12 days
  • 24/7 customer service
  • A free trade zone offering fiscal benefits for exporters
  • Logistics services through our sister company MEDLOG for door-to-door solutions
  • Refrigerated containers experts, who are trained regularly on the latest standards and processes to meet the evolving requirements of our customers

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