Our Reefer Video n°3: "Our Technical Know-How"


Our Reefer Video n°3: "Our Technical Know-How"


We invite you to discover “Our technical know-how” video, the third reefer video in a series of five which are all about reefer cargo. In this video Gaetano Esposito, Reefer Manager of MSC Antwerp talks about MSC’s technical knowledge in reefer cargo transportation. 

At MSC, we know the importance of preserving the condition of our customers' cargo from the moment it is loaded until it reaches its delivery point.  Around the world, we have over 1,000 reefer experts who are committed to providing the best care for your cargo. We continue to invest in the latest reefer technologies to ensure we offer our customers the optimal transport conditions for their perishable cargo. Today this technology allows us to reach farther destinations. 

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