EastCan Express Service

MSC is pleased to announce that as part of our continued efforts to optimize our global service network, we will be making changes to the rotation of the EastCan Express Service. As from June 22nd sailing, we will be calling Caucedo and Houston directly from Montreal and Saint John, giving us the flexibility to tranship in both Caucedo and Freeport.

We will have 5 vessels with capacity of 2,800 TEUs each on this service (35 days roundtrip), with MSC as a standalone operator.

As from MSC Monica CG526A, the rotation will become: Montreal, Saint John, Freeport, Caucedo, Houston, Montreal.

New transit times will be as follows:

New EastCan Express Service Transit Times
  Montreal Saint John
Freeport 9 3
Caucedo 13
Houston 19 13

As a result, we will improve our transit times to different Latin America destinations from Canada.

Please see below a comparison of old versus new routings/transits for your reference.

Comparison of Old Versus New Routing/Transit Times
Destination Old On Water Transit
New On Water Transit
Old Transhipment
New Transhipment Ports
  Montreal Saint John Montreal Saint John    
Caucedo 16 12 13 7 Freeport Direct call
Houston 19 13 Direct call
East Coast South America Freeport Caucedo
Cartagena 16 12 15 9 Freeport + Caucedo Caucedo
Port of Spain 16 12 14 8 Freeport Caucedo
Guayaquil 17 13 16 10 Freeport + Caucedo Freeport
Puerto Angamos 28 24 27 21 Freeport + Caucedo Caucedo
San Antonio 31 27 30 24 Freeport + Caucedo Caucedo

MSC will continue to offer worldwide connections to our 315 ports of call from each of these global transshipment hubs.

For further information, please contact your local MSC office.