With MSC trade finance, obtain more cash upfront to develop your activities and expand your business facilitating commercial relationship without taking any risks. MSC is taking care of your cargo at each step connecting both ends of every supply chain. Partnering with trade finance experts, we can provide you with cash liquidity to help you expand your business whilst reducing your risks. You can maximize your working capital with our fast, simple and flexible MSC trade finance solution.  

Find the best option for your shipment using the MSC Trade Finance Simulator.

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Get paid at shipment, your buyer pays later. MSC’s trusted trade finance partner will take the buyer credit risk. 


Obtain an answer to your credit request within 48 hours


No collateral, no upfront charges and no complex long-term agreements to sign / all-in charge


The buyer can pay later up to 180 days, buyer can pay at shipment or at delivery
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  • Terms up to 180 days from shipment 
  • Our partner pays you upfront 
  • All major buyer geographies are covered  
  • Buyer has more time to pay  
  • Buyer can pay at shipment or at delivery  
  • One single contract / no need for a letter of credit  
  • No down payment, no collateral, no guarantees  
  • Competitive monthly rates

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