Why Choose MSC for your Customs Clearance Support Service

Each time a cargo leaves or enters a country, a whole series of procedures and tariffs must be applied and paid to satisfy customs regulations. Requiring an extensive amount of paperwork and local knowledge, this can be a difficult stage in your overall shipping process, particularly as any errors could cause delays or additional costs.

However, it’s important that you don’t let the daunting task of customs clearance become a roadblock to your successful cargo shipment. As your goods are being exported across borders, our dedicated team of experts will be by your side throughout the process.

Our mission is to simplify global shipping for you, empowering your business to go beyond borders with confidence and ease. Let us handle the complexities of customs clearance with our years of expertise and in-depth knowledge of official procedures, so you can focus on delivering the best for your customers.

Start your journey of seamless global trade today, by leveraging our customs clearance expertise!

  • Local experts, global networks

  • Avoiding unnecessary delays or expenses 

  • Profound knowledge of import and export processes

  • Easier overall customs clearance

Our Customs Clearance Service

As well as taking the stress out of your overall customs procedures, partnering with MSC means you’ll be working with a team of experts. With customs accreditation at most of our agencies, including AEO and CT-PAT, we benefit from priority lanes and reduced checks, helping to ensure that your cargo can be processed quickly and efficiently during Customs and helping to reduce the risk of any potential delays.

Personalised Service

Our highly experienced team of customs clearance agents is on hand to help you at every stage of your customs clearance journey. Beyond this, our team is committed to offering you dedicated solutions, designed to make each stage of the shipping process as simple and transparent as possible.

For imports, we strive to achieve customs clearance within two working days of receiving your documents. For exports, we aim to clear customs within the same working day.

Digital Tools and Technology

Designed to ensure quick and efficient Customs declarations, at MSC our cutting-edge digital solutions and IT Tools help facilitate streamlined data exchange throughout your customs clearance journey.

We use Port Community Systems (PCS) to connect all port stakeholders, all of which allow us to submit customs entries on your behalf. All of this helps ensure a secure, transparent, and efficient customs process for your cargo.

Local and Global Expertise

All your logistics requirements can be executed by a local MSC agency, whose knowledge of product identification and local rules helps ensure that your cargo is handled correctly throughout Customs clearance.

Beyond this, working with MSC means you’ll be connected to a global team all working to ensure the seamless transport of your goods across borders.

MSC and Your Customs Clearance Peace of Mind

Our network of local and global experts keeps your business moving around the clock. We navigate the complexities of customs so that you can operate an uninterrupted, speedy service.

Whether you are importing or exporting, at MSC our experienced team of customs clearance experts are dedicated to supporting you through the customs clearance process. Contact your local MSC office to book an appointment.

  • Personalised service

  • Innovation and digitalisation

  • Greater flexibility