MSC Digital Talks Ep.1: An Agency’s Perspective on MSC’s Digitalization Journey


MSC Digital Talks Ep.1: An Agency’s Perspective on MSC’s Digitalization Journey


The shipping industry is undergoing a massive digital transformation. To help you keep on top of the latest innovations and technological developments, we have launched #MSCDigitalTalks: a video series featuring interviews with industry movers and shakers.

In each episode, MSC’s CDIO André Simha speaks to a different leader or expert about the future of digitalisation, innovation and technology. The series is part of our efforts to highlight the benefits of digitalisation in container shipping and to promote collaboration and industry standards across the supply chain.

In this first episode, MSC’s CDIO Andre Simha spoke to Philippe Lestrade, Managing Director of MSC France, about MSC’s journey of digital transformation and what it means for our local agencies. They discuss how MSC is driving its digital evolution in France and beyond through the use of a broad range of customer-centric digitalization initiatives. Watch the video

A customer-centric approach to digitalization

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping technology has grown exponentially in recent years driven by customer demand for efficient online tools.

But, while customers have embraced the benefits of online booking and tracking systems on eBusiness platforms like myMSC, this does not reduce the need for dedicated customer support. As Philippe and Andre discuss in this episode of #MSCDigitalTalks, digitalization shouldn’t distance us from customers, but rather provide the opportunity to spend more time with customers supporting them in any way they need.

Digitalization is at the core of our operations. It helps us move at a faster pace… what matters is that we help our customers.

Philippe Lestrade Managing Director,
MSC France

Once customers try a digital solution, they don't look back. For example, in 2020, during the height of the pandemic, MSC became the first shipping company in France to issue an eBill of Lading through our MSC eBL solution. Since this first eBL was issued (for a shipment from France to Benin in Africa), more and more customers have transitioned to the solution.

Phillipe highlights smart containers as another of the key digital solutions that have benefited customers of MSC agencies, such as MSC France. Equipped with sensors to enable tracking of temperature, shock information and location, MSC Smart Containers not only provide 24/7 visibility of cargo during transit, but also add another critical layer of security into the supply chain by generating an instant notification whenever a door is opened.

About MSC's digital solutions

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