Shipping your Tea in Kenya


茶是世界第二大受欢迎饮品,仅次于水:据估计,全球每天消耗的茶水量高达 200 亿杯(每杯按 170 毫升计算)。



MSC 业务遍及 155 个国家/地区,在肯尼亚、乌干达和卢旺达均设有办事处。凭借广泛的覆盖范围、多式联运解决方案和扎实的茶叶运输专业知识,MSC 能够提供快速可靠的服务,协助出口商将货物运往世界各大贸易中心,包括巴基斯坦、埃及、英国、阿联酋和美国等重要进口国。MSC 拥有无以伦比的业务覆盖范围,能够帮助您将货物顺利送达位于欧洲、中东、非洲、印度和亚洲的目的地。

Shipping tea from Kenya around the world

We are present in 155 countries, including extensive local coverage in Kenya and have dedicated international trade services connecting Kenya with the main import countries of Pakistan, Egypt, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and the USA.

MSC offer customers good availability of food grade containers, dedicated container depots and intermodal solutions, as well as staff trained in the details of tea transportation. We operate regular weekly container services from the Port of Mombasa to main tea destinations, with guaranteed space for tea.

How we export tea from Kenya

Each tea journey from Kenya is given the highest level of care and attention. Our highly experienced teams take huge pride in supporting every step of the export process, from guiding customers through country-specific procedures and local compliance rules to offering advice on international shipment preparation and handling.

Here at MSC we provide customers with custom-made solutions, ensuring the sensitive commodity of tea arrives at its destination in the best possible condition. With a particular focus on the peak picking seasons in Kenya from March to June and October to December, MSC leads the way in making the tea supply chain run as smoothly as possible.



  • 多式联运和处理解决方案
  • 提供从蒙巴萨港到各大茶叶目的地的每周定期航运服务,保证为茶叶货物提供舱位
  • 提供坚实耐用的食品级和重型集装箱,满足所有出口要求
  • 快速可靠的运输时间
  • 茶叶运输专业团队