MSC 与众多合作伙伴协作,建立牢固的合作关系和战略联盟,开拓创新、积极寻求解决方案,以实现集体价值最大化

我们与私立和公共部门的利益相关者、行业协会、燃料合作伙伴、政府、非政府组织及其他机构密切合作,共同解决我们的重要问题,并根据可持续发展目标 17“促进目标实现的伙伴关系”制定我们的可持续发展路线。我们还与客户携手并肩,采取一系列举措,帮助供应链脱碳、促进贸易和增强韧性、保护海洋和生物多样性、促进商业和人权议程等。






Business Commission to Tackle Inequality
Clean Cargo

Cyprus Shipping Chamber
European Clean Hydrogen Alliance
European Sustainable Shipping Forum
Getting to Zero Coalition
Global Industry Alliance to Support Low Carbon Shipping
Hydrogen Council
International Chamber of Shipping

International Cargo Handling Coordination Association
Maritime Just Transition Task Force
Maritime Anti-Corruption Network
Mercy Ships
Methanol Institute
North American Marine Environment Protection Association
Ocean 100 Dialogues
Ocean Stewardship Coalition
Responsible Shipping Dialogue
Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials

Silk Alliance

Smart Freight Center
Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel
Sustainable Biomethane Alliance

Swiss Shipowners Association

The Conference Board: Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Council I

Together in Safety
Top Tier
TRACE International

United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce
United Nations Global Compact

World Business Council on Sustainable Development

World Economic Forum Supply Chain and Transportation Community
World Ocean Council
World Shipping Council