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Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world after water and is estimated that up to 20 billion 6 oz. cups of tea are taken daily globally.

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Kenya is the 3rd largest tea exporter globally and the leading exporter of Black tea.

The region exports mostly Black tea with Green tea taking the second position and lastly Oolong tea.

MSC is present in 155 countries, with offices in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. With an extensive coverage, intermodal solutions, and a solid expertise in transporting tea, MSC offers fast and reliable services that connect exporters to the main trade centres of the world, including key import countries of Pakistan, Egypt, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and USA. MSC coverage to destinations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, India and Asia is unmatched.

Our key strengths for tea transport
Due our strong presence and dedicated container depots in Tea producing countries we can offer
  • Multimodal transport and handling solutions
  • Weekly regular services from the Port of Mombasa to the key tea destinations with guaranteed space for tea business
  • Availability of sound, food grade and heavy-duty containers to cater of all export requirements
  • Tempos de transporte rápidos e confiáveis
  • Dedicated team of tea experts
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Mombasa head office: T: +254 709 064 100 
Nairobi Branch: T: +254 41 215 9 300 | 709 064 300
Kampala Branch: T: +256 716 672229