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Connecting Bulgaria to the world

MSC has been helping customers to ship cargo to and from Bulgaria since 1997. Today, as a part of the MSC network, MSC Bulgaria moves more than 100 thousand TEU of cargo per year. 

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Special customs requirements

- All full containers can stay at the port area 90 days after discharging of the vessel. After that period confiscation by the government follows. 
- Extension might be possible, but not guaranteed. 
- According to the customs regulations nly Companies Registered in EC may affect Import.If a non EC company is mentioned as a consignee, then the cargo can only be in transit. 

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Import of Excise Cargo (alcohol + cigarettes) entering the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria: 
With immediate effect All Agents in POL shipping a/m cargos to Bulgaria are obliged to manifest the following requisites:  
- Detailed type(brand) 
- Quantity 
- Packing 

Examples: Marlboro Lights King size - 680 master boxes 
Davidoff Lights - 200 master boxes 
Davidoff medium - 150 master boxes  

By failing to comply with the a/m requirements (missing of one of the a/m requisites in the manifest) the containers immediately upon discharging will be checked by the Customs Authorities and all the costs involved will be for account of MSC i.e. will be referred to MSC Agent at respective POL.  


In the DTX these commodities are to be manifested as follows: 
Short Description of goods (DE1): i.e. "Cigarettes" 
Description of goods (DE2): i.e. "680 master boxes - Marlboro Lights King size" 


For MOTOR VEHICLES chassis and engine numbers must be shown both on the cargo manifest and the oBs/L  


Tobacco, cigarettes, and related products, classified as excise cargo under Law on Excises and Tax Warehouses, must have valid bank guarantees opened by the Merchant as per the requirements of the Law. 

In case such are missing, the discharge at Burgas port will not be permitted by the Authorities and all related charges will be on Merchant's account. 

For easy reference, the HS codes under this provision are as follows, however the knowledge of the Law and its/ HS amendments is entirely Merchant's care and responsibility: 

2401207010, 2401207090 
2401208510, 2401208590 
24019511, 2409519, 24019521, 24019529, 24019591, 24019599 
24031910, 24031990 

IMO transshipment at Tekirdag 
Тransshipment at Tekirdag of shipments with IMO Classes 2 (all sub-classes) - 5,1 - 5,2 - 6,2 is subject to availability at Tekirdag of at least 5 containers with IMO classes mentioned. The Line does not guarantee by any means such availability and any eventual delay in transhipment due to lack of required volume is solely at merchants' risk. 
SOLAS VGM information for Bulgaria
Government approval status 

- Authority in charge at Bulgaria is Executive Agency Maritime Administration. 
- Tolerance granted is 3 times of cargo scale which has to be calibrated and certified  in accordance to requirements of  State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance (SAMTS). 
- Expected control for correct declaration of VGM will be randomly. 
- Method 1 and Method 2 are both possible in the light of IMO / SOLAS  recommendations. No need to certify shippers  using  Method 2 by government. 
- No restrictions  to accept container w/o VGM and later to define it by EDI message or weighing in the port. The weight in the pre-advise notice for arriving containers must be accurate,  for stuffing in correct stack for vessel stowage. Otherwise there will be extra handling for re-stuff  in correct weight group. 

What to include in your VGM instructions 
The following items are mandatory and must be on all VGM instructions 
- Booking or Bill of Lading number 
- Container number 
- VGM + unit 
- Authorized person’s signatory (submitter of the VGM who may be authorized to act on behalf of shippers 
- Responsible party Name 
- Any other by local law (if applicable) 

How to submit your VGM instructions 
- myMSC 
- EDI (via INTTRA; GT NEXUS; Cargo Smart) 
- Manually (via INTTRA; GT NEXUS; Cargo Smart) 
- Via email 
- Standard shipping instruction 
- Certificate attesting Verified Gross Mass of a packed container 

Deadlines for sending your VGM instructions 
- Information about VGM must be delivered to the MSC Agency immediately after stuffing of the cntr, but not later than 36 hours of ETA. 
- Admin Fees and costs 
- Standard tariff for storage, handling, additional extra moves (if any) and fees due to the port for correction of vessel/ voyage/ weight will be invoiced to the shippers in case of failing to timely provide VGM as per VGM cut-off mentioned in the booking confirmation. 

Shippers should maintain on their records/ files documentation of weighing notes/ receipts or calculation sheets, together with a copy of VGM certificate. 

It’s mandatory MSC Agency to be informed in advance about the appointment of 3rd parties to provide the VGM. Terminals can accept containers  without VGM, but in  the pre-advise notice for arriving containers the weight must be accurate. 

Contact information 
Customer Desk services:
Our offering in Bulgaria
At MSC, we believe that global success depends on local solutions and local expertise. Discover our complete range of services to support customers shipping to or from Bulgaria.  

Nationwide trucking services 
To simplify your supply chain, we offer trucking to and from Bulgaria via Varna, Burgas and Thessaloniki. 

Import and Export Customs clearance 
We can help you with preparing of the import customs formalities, transit customs formalities and border customs formalities for export, on your behalf, via our third party vendors  
Prohibited cargo

Illegal drugs 
Guns and ammunition (unless authorisation has been obtained) 
Knives and deadly weapons 
Dangerous chemicals 
Substances which damage the ozone layer 
Quarantined pets 
Pornographic material 

Though the above items are the only ones prohibited, there are a number of goods that are heavily restricted. For more information, see the links below. 

Illegal drugs 
Guns and ammunition (unless authorisation has been obtained) 
Knives and deadly weapons 
Dangerous chemicals 
Substances which damage the ozone layer 
Quarantined pets 
Pornographic material 

For full details of prohibited cargo in Bulgaria please visit the following sites: 

Import and export regulations (

List of terminals 

Ports and terminals

MSC operates services to and from the following Bulgarian ports and terminals, with local teams in each location to support our customers. 


 Port of Loading  Terminal 1  
 Varna  Varna West 
 Burgas Burgas West 

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