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Fiyat teklifi istemek, rezervasyon yaptırmak veya lokal hizmetlerimiz hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinmek için ekibimizle iletişime geçin


Import Local Procedures

Below you can find information on our logistics, Documentation and intermodal procedures:


Format Letter to Release Original BLs to a third party

The authorization letter to be submitted must be sent to MSC BOLIVIA with the following information:

  • For a legal company: the letter must be printed on letterhead, stamped and signed.
  • For a natural person: the letter must be signed by the consignee.

Delivery BLs to a third-party format letter

Ocean Freight Certificates

Bolivian Customs requests freighted Original BLs for import taxes payment. In case of un-freighted BLs, consignee could request a freight certificate.
The requirement must be sent to with the following information:

  • BL number
  • Copy of the bank payment (USD 30 per BL)


  • Freight Certificates are available 48 hours before the vessel’s arrival at Port of Discharge.

Clause for “Cargo in Transit to Bolivia”

The clause “Cargo in transit to Bolivia” should be included in the cargo description field of the BL. This clause indicates that cargo is allowed to get into Bolivian territory.


  • Due to Customs regulations, BLs with a Bolivian consignee are automatically declared as In Transit to Bolivia.
  • Consignee must pay the corresponding fee to ASP-B (Bolivian Administrative Port Services) to get the approval for cargo release from Arica’s Terminal (Click here).


  • BLs with Bolivian consignee along with the clause “Cargo in Transit to Bolivia” will be automatically declared to Customs as Cargo in Transit; however, if the BL doesn’t contain the clause, it will be declared as “Chilean Consumption”, and will not be allowed to get into Bolivian territory.

Arrival Notice

The arrival notice is sent to the emails registered by the client on our internal system MSCGo (Click here).
For missing arrival notifications, please contact Customer Service team.

Print Original BLs at Destination

Import Original BLs are accepted to be printed in Bolivia. Shipper must request the Port of Loading Agency to include this instruction in the manifest.
Once the instruction is received, MSC BOLIVIA will automatically print rated Original BLs for the consignee (Bolivian Customs requests 1/3 freighted Original BL to clear the cargo).
Note: Import BLs are printed 48hrs before cargo’s arrival at Port of Discharge

Telex Release

Telex Release is accepted. Once this instruction is received, MSC BOLIVIA will automatically print Original BLs for the consignee. (Bolivian Customs requests the consignee to submit 1 Original freighted BL to clear the cargo).

Express BL

Bolivian Customs requests Original BLs; therefore, Seaway Bills are not accepted. Shipper must request to print Original BLs at destination (MSC BOLIVIA and MSC CHILE share the same system, therefore BLs are printed automatically by Bolivia's agency)

To Order BL

Only accepted if Original BL is duly endorsed by the shipper.

Collect Payment Terms

If the customer requests payment at destination, the correct condition is Collect including DTHC.

BL Amendments

The deadline to receive amendments is 72 hours prior to the vessel's arrival at port of discharge. After that, Customs and local amendment fines will apply.


All customers must request the release of the cargo through MSC BOLIVIA’s platform MSCGo (Click here).
To request the release of the cargo, the consignee must be previously registered on the platform by submitting the requested information.

Original Bill of Lading:
the submission of 1 Original Master BL is required for cargo’s release. It must be sent to any of our agencies in La Paz or Santa Cruz, Bolivia.


  • If the release request is completed after the vessel’s arrival, MSC will charge a pre-demurrage fee that is calculated based on the free days. The fee is subject to a refund based on the final demurrage accrued.
  • Release authorization or any pending requirements will be sent to the emails provided by the client during the registration on MSCGo.
  • Refunds must be requested by the consignee through MSCGo.

Reception of documents at MSC Bolivia offices:

LA PAZ - 730, Julio Patiño #730, Calacoto                                     
SANTA CRUZ – Cuarto Anillo #4200 Torre Duo Off. 19A, Equipetrol Norte                                   

Monday to Friday
From 09:00 to 13:00 - 14:00 to 17:00 

Container Reception / Depots in Bolivia

The following depots are available in Bolivia for the return of empty containers:

  • MEDLOG La Paz
  • MEDLOG Oruro
  • Conser Cochabamba
  • Conser Santa Cruz
  • Logra Santa Cruz (Reefer operation)


Authorized containers must be inspected at a Bolivian depot according to the container requirements. The container entrance to the depot will be defined after the physical inspection.
To check the availability of empty unit returns in Bolivia, please contact our agents through following channels: 

For more information, please contact us (Click here


MEDLOG Bolivia offers trucking services from Arica and Iquique to different destinations in Bolivia (La Paz, Oruro, Cochabamba, and Santa Cruz).

Requirements for Inland transportation assignment 

Customers must complete the following requirements to fulfill the inland service:

  • Requested documents must be submitted 48 hours before vessel’s arrival at port of discharge or until the container is discharged.
  • In case of delays, the importer must pay a pre-demurrage fee before scheduling the service.
  • Any demurrage will be the importer’s responsibility.

Service includes:

  • Delivery Order Fee (SAMC) payment.
  • Port paperwork.
  • Invoice issuance for the total amount of the service (not subject to tax credit), divided by sections.
  • Empty container return and Gate In payment.

Service excludes:

  • Storage charges for dangerous cargo (IMO).
  • ASP-B port charges – ASPB (Administradora de Servicios Portuarios Bolivianos)
  • Traffic control support services payment of USD 12,00
  • BL printing fee at destination – USD 55 (if applicable) and DTHC Payment (Destination Terminal Handling Charge)
  • Delivery of container to consignee’s warehouse and waiting time inside Customs yard.


  • Personal effects.
  • Glassware.
  • Cocoa butter.
  • IMO Cargo (Please contact MEDLOG Bolivia to confirm acceptance).
  • Cargo weighting above 23 Tons.

Please contact our Intermodal staff for any have special enquires (Click here)

Export Local Procedures


Print BL in Bolivia

At the request of the shipper, it is possible   to print the BL in Bolivia. This can be printed only 48 working hours after the sailing date.    

Bill of lading clauses

Shipper load and count, container sealed by the shipper which is said to contain what is expressly declared (only if the cargo is FCL). Clause imposed by MSC Geneva.

Express Release / Telex Release / Issuance at destination

You can proceed with as follows:

Express Release (Sea Waybill):
This option allows for releasing the cargo without the OBLs presentation. This instruction must be included in the manifest and requested before the vessel’s departure, with confirmed payments and by presenting the Express Release request letter from the shipper.

The copy of the Sea Waybill can be issued as a record of this instruction.

Express Release request letter 

Telex Release:
This instruction is sent to POD to allow for cargo release without OBLs presentation as follows:

  • For nominative BLs, freight must be paid and the 3 OBLs returned to MSC properly endorsed, signed, and stamped by the shipper (according to the Terms and Conditions of the BL) with the Telex Release request letter presentation. 

Telex Release request letter

  • For TO ORDER BLs, in addition to the above, the endorsement must specify the customer (i.e., name, address, phone number, city and country) to whom the cargo must be released at destination.

Issuance at destination:
This instruction is sent to POD for the issuance of 3 original BLs. Subject to costs at destination port.
This instruction will be sent as soon as all payments are received    and after MSC has been provided with a letter by the shipper requesting for OBLs to be printed at destination.
Issuance at Destination request letter

Format letter for delivery of BLs to a third-party

The authorization letter should be duly completed with full details of the natural person / legal entity who will collect the BLs and signed by the consignee of the cargo.
In case of legal entity: the letter should be printed on letterhead and signed by the legal representative.
In case of natural person: the letter should be signed by the client along with the third-party client. In case of pickup or delivery authorization of BLs to foreigners, the passport number must be included in the letter, along with its copy. 
The authorization letter will not be accepted if it does not fulfill the above-mentioned requirements.
Delivery of BLs to a third party 

Import Local Requirements

Import Local Requirements


Demurrage starts the same day container is discharged.

*Demurrage is the additional charge imposed for exceeding the free time, at the discharging port's terminal. Cargo in transit to Bolivia is granted with 21 free days.

If you have any queries relating to this information, please contact your local MSC BOLIVIA agency (Click here)


Local Charges
Rates (USD)
BL Printing Fee of Original BLs at Destination   USD 65 x BL
Amendment Fee (after Documental Deadline)   USD 46 x BL
Collection fee (applies only if Ocean Freight is paid in Bolivia)   USD 150 x Cntr.
 Delivery Order Fee (DOF - SAMC)   USD 81 x 20’ Cntr.
USD 90 x 40’ Cntr.
GATE IN (applies only for containers to be returned in Bolivia depots)   USD 98 x 20’ Cntr.
USD 105 x 40’ Cntr.
Additional Non-negotiable copy of BL   USD 15 x BL
Freight Certificate   USD 30 x BL
Account Re-Activation   USD 55

Export Local Requirements

Export Local Requirements

*Detention is the additional charge associated to the use of containers beyond the free time granted by the Shipping Line.  All export cargo is benefited with 21 free days at origin.


Detention with client starts the day after the empty container gate out (delivered to shipper) and ends once container is delivered either to stacking, pre stacking or TPA container yard. 21 free days granted by the Carrier | Public holidays are included | Conditions apply to NOR: DV/HC conditions.

Detention at port starts the day after the container is delivered either to stacking, pre stacking or TPA container yard and ends when stacking cutoff date comes to an end. 14 free days granted by the Carrier | Public holidays are included | Conditions apply to NOR: DV/HC conditions.


Detention starts the day after the empty container gate out (delivered to shipper) and ends 2 days before the vessel´s arrival date in which the container will be loaded. 21 free days granted by the Carrier | Public holidays are included | Conditions apply to NOR: DV/HC.

NOTE: If you have any queries relating to this information, please contact your local MSC BOLIVIA agency (Click here).


Local Charges  Rate (USD)  
Manifest Corrector Fee   USD45 
COD Administration Fee   USD 100 
Certificate  USD 40 
Inspection Fee   USD 25 
Withdrawal of Export BL (1st phase)  USD 75 
Withdrawal of Export BL (2nd phase)  USD 100
Additional Non-negotiable copy of BL  USD 15xBL

SOLAS VGM Information Bolivia

What is VGM?
Verified Gross Mass or VGM refers to the exact, verified weight of a packed container. For safety reasons, vessel operators can only load a container if its weight has been verified.

Government approval status

The relevant authority has not issued any regulation. In case of receiving information, it will be transmitted immediately.

What to include in your VGM transmission 
The following items are mandatory and must be registered for each container of every shipment:

  • Booking or Bill of Lading (BL) number
  • Container number
  • VGM + weight measurement unit (lbs. or kgs.)
  • Responsible Party Name

The VGM information could be submitted by the shipper, FFWW or Port Agent.

How to submit your VGM instructions

Deadlines for sending your VGM instructions

Consider the same deadline of the stacking / Cut-off.

Administrative Fees and Costs

These fees and costs apply if any fine, local fee and/or penalties are charged to MSC. If there is any change, the booking client will be informed accordingly.

The VGM weight registered must be issued by a certified and calibrated balance, otherwise it will not be valid, and the unit would not be shipped.
We suggest coordinating the on-time delivery of VGM to both shipping line and terminal with your Port Agent.
All costs regarding the need to comply with SOLAS regulations are responsibility of the shipper. 

Contact information
Export Customer Service (Click here)


Prohibited Cargo


  • Scraps of iron or steel
  • Asbestos, in any way
  • Industrial toxic waste
  • Used vehicles
  • Used clothes
  • Pharmaceuticals and medicines not registered with the Ministry of Health
  • Beverages and foodstuffs that are spoiled, adulterated, or containing harmful substances to health
  • Toxic and radioactive substances and other materials which affect the wider environment

IMPORTANT: client must check with Bolivian Customs and Port Authorities about import regulations and restrictions for any kind of cargo. 


  • Illegal drugs
  • Unauthorized guns, explosives, and ammunition
  • Knives and deadly weapons
  • Unauthorized pharmaceuticals and drugs
  • Unauthorized chemicals
  • Food products containing noxious substances
  • Pets and animals carrying diseases
  • Radioactive scrap and other hazardous material
  • Counterfeit money and goods
  • Gambling machines
  • Pornographic material

For full details of prohibited cargo in Bolivia please visit the following sites:
European Commission site
Import and export regulations

Kargo Yükleme

MSC'nin yükleme tesisleri ihracat ve ithalat süreçlerinde malların en etkili ve dakik bir şekilde yüklenmesini sağlamak için stratejik olarak konumlandırılmıştır. Ayrıca yük konsolidasyonu, yeniden yükleme, paketleme, paket açımı ve konteynırlardan kamyonlara çapraz yükleme hizmetleri de sunuyoruz.
Bize Ulaşın

Konteynır Tartma (VGM)

Tüm MSC yerel ofisleri konteynır ağırlıklarının (doğrulanmış brüt kütle) Denizde Can Güvenliği Uluslararası Sözleşmesi (SOLAS) düzenlemeleri doğrultusunda kaydı ve doğrulanması için sertifikalı basküller sağlamaktadır. Doğrulanmış brüt kütle talimatları güvenlik gerekçeleriyle nakliyatlar için zorunludur. Ağırlığı uygun bir biçimde doğrulanması koşuluyla yalnızca konteynırlar yalnızca gemi operatörleri tarafından yüklenebilir. Daha fazla bilgi ve destek için yerel MSC ekibimizle iletişime geçebilirsiniz.
Bize Ulaşın


Tool designed for our import and export clients to self-manage:

  • The delivery order request online
  • BL issuance instructions at destination (import BLs)
  • Demurrage calculator (import) allows clients to check and pay demurrage charges.
  • Payments and statement of accounts review
  • Refunds
  • Export bookings

To access the  platform click here.



Information regarding cut-off time for:

  • Container Yard (CY)
  • Shipping Instructions 

Import Security Filling (ISF)

Get easy access to Bill of Lading Number information to complete ISF filings with US Customs.

To access ISF click here.

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