Brewing Success: MSC Spearheads International Export for Asia Coffee Producers


Brewing Success: MSC Spearheads International Export for Asia Coffee Producers



Every day, the world drinks over 2.25 billion cups of coffee. One of the most consumed beverages globally, coffee is no longer just a caffeine boost and has now become a lifestyle to many. In fact, the global coffee industry is growing so exponentially that it is expected to reach USD182.63 billion by 2030, a compound annual growth of 4.72% during the forecast period of 2022-2030.

Indonesia and Vietnam Lead Asia's Coffee Boom: Reliable Shipping Partner Crucial for Global Expansion
Asia produces over a third of the world’s coffee, with Indonesia and Vietnam amongst the world’s largest coffee producers and exporters. With their highly sought-after coffee beans, Indonesian and Vietnamese coffee businesses looking to grow their market reach internationally must partner a reliable logistics and shipping expert to ensure smooth transportation of their precious beans globally.

The Perfect Blend of Solution for Brewing Market Opportunities
MSC understands that behind every aromatic cup of coffee lies a complex global supply chain. Due to its perishable nature, coffee businesses typically face a unique set of challenges in maintaining the aroma, quality and freshness of the beans from farm to cup.

Be it Arabica, Robusta or the exotic Kopi Luwak native to Indonesia, MSC has a perfect blend of solution in navigating the complexities of this process, giving you the peace of mind and confidence to expand your coffee business all around the world:

1. Weekly Sailings Connecting Indonesia and Vietnam with Key Coffee Export Markets
With an extensive network of experts across 675 offices, as well as 300 global routes to 520 ports in over 155 countries, coffee producers can count on MSC to access key export markets efficiently.

From Indonesia’s Port of Panjang in Lampung, one of the country’s largest coffee producing provinces, MSC’s dedicated weekly services connect your precious coffee cargo to Europe and the US as primary gateways to key export markets with a high demand for Indonesian coffee. These include Algeria, Georgia, Germany and Spain.

Similarly, from Vietnam, MSC provides weekly direct calls to the US and weekly sailings to other major coffee-consuming markets worldwide particularly Europe, ensuring your beans reach consumers quickly and in optimal condition.

Find out more about our reliable services with competitive transit time.

2. Largest Container Fleet and Container Availability Protecting Your Coffee’s Freshness and Flavour
As a leading container shipping company, MSC is backed by the largest container fleet in the world as well as container availability. Its food-grade containers that are perfectly dehumidified provide optimal conditions for protecting your coffee’s freshness and flavour from Indonesia and Vietnam to beyond. For certain specialty coffee shipments, MSC’s modern reefers also ensure precise temperature and humidity control.

Want more visibility of your precious coffee shipments? You can level up with smart containers that are equipped with IoT (Internet of Things) technology, enabling real-time tracking and alerts of crucial parameters such as temperature, humidity, and location.

3. End-to-end Logistics Support Saving Your Time and Resources
With Indonesia being one of the world’s largest countries by area and Vietnam’s coffee production concentrated in the Central Highlands, you may require more than port-to-port shipping. MSC’s comprehensive trucking solution brings your coffee beans safely and reliably from your warehouse in Indonesia right to the Port of Panjang. Likewise in Vietnam, its nationwide trucking network ensures efficient movement of your coffee cargo, from factory to port and back again.

Another value-added service is the unique thermal blanket solution that further prevents your coffee from damage caused by sublimation and eliminates potential contamination to maintain your coffee flavor.

By partnering with MSC, coffee producers can benefit from end-to-end logistics support, saving time and resources while ensuring smooth and efficient transportation of their beans.

Smooth Transportation of Coffee from Indonesia and Vietnam to The World
MSC Indonesia’s Managing Director, Jeremy Franc, said “Coffee is the first sub-sector that contributes around 3.94% to Indonesia’s agricultural Gross Domestic Product. It is a vital business for many in Indonesia and it is just as important to MSC that we enable the expansion of our local coffee producers by ensuring smooth transportation of their precious beans internationally.”

Benoit de Quillacq (Managing Director of MSC Vietnam) added, “Consumers these days have stringent quality standards of coffee. By meeting the unique requirements of our coffee producers’ supply chain, MSC takes pride in ensuring that Vietnamese coffee arrives at its international destination in peak condition.”

Reach out to your local MSC experts across Indonesia and Vietnam today to enhance the global reach of your coffee business.


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