MSC Thanks Volunteers in Sierra Leone Flood Relief Effort


MSC Thanks Volunteers in Sierra Leone Flood Relief Effort


MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company is grateful to staff in Sierra Leone who contributed to the relief effort following the tragic flooding and mudslides in August.

While it will take time for communities to come to terms with the terrible scenes and loss of life, efforts by governments and humanitarian organisations, as well as businesses, have helped to accelerate the recovery.

As heavy rains continued to lash the region in the weeks that followed the disasters, MSC worked with local communities in the hillside town of Regent and parts of the capital Freetown. Donations of cooking oil, food such as rice, and clothing helped ease the suffering.

The United Nations International Organization for Migration estimated that 500 people died due to the events of 14 August, with several thousand affected in some way. Other reports put the deathtoll as high as 1,000.

MSC salutes the employees and volunteers of aid organizations who continue to work tirelessly in the relief efforts.