Expansion of Termont (Viau) container terminal in Canada


Expansion of Termont (Viau) container terminal in Canada


MSC, in partnership with Termont Montréal Inc. and the Montréal Port Authority has officially begun construction for the first phase of the new Viau container terminal.  To mark the occasion, a ground-breaking ceremony featuring nearly 100 customers, partners, and stakeholders gathered on 22nd June to see for themselves the port operations and learn about the development of this important facility.

Construction of the Viau Terminal will be completed in two phases, the first of which will create container-handling capacity for an additional 350,000 TEUs by the end of 2016. This redeveloped site will include a full-service berth for container vessels, two state-of-the-art post-Panamax cranes, a modern automated truck-marshalling gate, an efficient intermodal service using on-terminal rail operations and a high-density container yard.

Sokat Shaikh, Managing Director of MSC Canada explains, «Our daily existence has become dependent on globalization. The majority of what all Canadians buy at any retail point, along with manufacturing within Canada, is traded with countries worldwide. MSC’s commitment to simplify Canadian trade, as well as support the strategic growth plans of our customers is at the core of all our decisions. The expansion of Termont (Viau) will further reinforce MSC’s commitment to Canada, and serve our partners in business for years to come.”