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Preliminary ISF Booking Information:
Bill of lading Containers

There are currently no results available for the given booking number.

Please contact your nearest office for more information or any enquiries / queries.

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The information provided is to allow our Customers to have an easy access to Bill of Lading Number information to complete their ISF filings with US Customs in a timely manner and in accordance to the guidelines for the ISF regulations. You will find the BL number and container numbers assigned at the time of booking from the foreign party. This information is subject to change at any time in accordance to the requirements asked by the BOOKING PARTY.

This is to advise you that MSC is fully aware that many of our Non-AMS NVOCC's intend to start making, or have started to make, their own Importer Security Filing (ISF). According to the ISF Rule, the ISF filing must be done at the lowest House Bill of Lading number level, but referencing the MSC bill lading number(s) as Carrier. Therefore, it is our aim to provide you with the MSC Bill of Lading number(s) when the booking is confirmed by MSC, in order to facilitate a smooth ISF filing for you.

For consolidated shipments with multiple parties in a single container, or where there are multiple parties involved in a single booking (i.e. several containers under a single booking, but allocated to different parties), please keep in mind that each party needs to be declared to US CUSTOMS inside the ISF filing, with a separate MSC Bill of Lading number for each of them. You should ensure that your instructions to MSC concerning the number of parties are clear, and MSC will then provide you with an additional MSC Bill of Lading number for each party. However, you must indicate, both to MSC and in your ISF filing, which cargo(es) you have assigned to each MSC Bill of Lading number provided to you by MSC.

Please note that reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that the service content is accurate and up-to-date, however all information is given without any guarantee or representation as to its accuracy and under no circumstances whatsoever shall MSC be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, special or other damages, costs, losses or liabilities arising from reliance on any of the information or materials contained on the MSC website.


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