MSC Discusses New Just-in-Time Port Call Programme at Smart Ports Virtual Event


MSC Discusses New Just-in-Time Port Call Programme at Smart Ports Virtual Event


@Port of Long Beach

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is pleased to announce its first-ever participation in the Smart Ports: Piers of the Future event. André Simha, Chief Digital & Information Officer, will represent MSC in a panel session entitled, “New boost in shipping: shippers & carriers into a standard mode of understanding”. André will be joined by Jordi Espin Ballbona, Manager at the European Shipper’s Council (ESC); Thomas Bagge, CEO and Statutory Director at DCSA; Francisco Javier Poveda, Supply Planning Manager at Essity; and Eric Johnson, Senior Editor of  The panel session takes place on day one of the conference, on Tuesday, 17 November at 13.30 CET.

The panel will discuss the first publication of the Digital Container Shipping Association’s (DCSA) Just-In-Time  (JIT) Port Call Programme, a set of standard definitions for the port call process. Using the JIT data definitions, carriers, ports and terminals can exchange event data in a uniform way, enabling digital planning and operational optimisation. The JIT port calls will also enable container ships to optimise their steaming speed, leading to lower fuel consumption and a reduction in CO2 emissions. Widespread adoption of these standards is the first step towards achieving a digital, global, transparent, JIT port call ecosystem.

Since its inception in 2019, the DCSA has worked to establish standards for a common technology foundation for the entire shipping industry. The DCSA’s mission is to create a digitally interconnected container shipping industry, where carriers can bring innovative solutions to market, and where customers have access to seamless, easy-to-use services that give them flexibility and transparency when transporting their goods. The DCSA’s other standardisation initiatives include establishing shared industry blueprint, data & interfaces, IoT for smart containers, and eDocumentation standards.

As the interface between the sea and the land, ports play a central role in the broader maritime transport and supply chain. MSC is actively participating in collaborative digital and data-based projects involving ports through our membership of the Global Industry Alliance (GIA) and our participation in the Port Call Optimisation (PCO) Task Force. Through our work with these organisations, and with the DCSA, we strive to collaborate with the entire industry to streamline port call planning and execution and reduce unnecessary waiting time. By so doing, we can create a more sustainable and efficient container shipping industry.

As collaboration is key to developing shared standards, the panel participants are looking forward to engaging with the event audience, getting their valuable feedback and insights in order to make ports and terminals and integrated part of the new JIT port call programme.