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Connecting Indonesia to the world

MSC has been operating in Indonesia since 1996. Today MSC has around 180 staff dedicated to servicing the needs of our customers with six offices in the country – in Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Belawan, Panjang, and Palembang – which are located close to the main ports of Indonesia. To further extend our business coverage, we are also represented by sub-agents in Padang, Batam, Solo, Bandung, Makassar, and Bali. 

MSC offers the widest port coverage in Indonesia with four independent feeder networks connecting Indonesia ports with transshipment hub ports in Singapore, Tanjung Pelepas, and Yantian, where shippers can then leverage on MSC’s comprehensive global network of services with addition two direct calls in Jakarta bound for Australia and New Zealand.  

Awards and Distinctions for MSC Indonesia

  • 2011 Carrier of The Year by Ocean Booking Platform INTTRA.
  • 2012 Carrier of The Year (runner up) by Ocean Booking Platform INTTRA.
  • 2019 Best Volume Achievement at Tanjung Perak Surabaya by Indonesia's state-owned port operator PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Pelindo III).
  • 2018 Best Mainline Operator Company at Belawan International Container Terminal (BICT) by Indonesia's state-owned port operator PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I (Pelindo I).
  • 2019 Top Revenue Contribution Shipping Line at Belawan International Container Terminal (BICT) by Indonesia's state-owned port operator PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I (Pelindo I).
  • 2020 Top Volume Contribution Shipping Line at Belawan International Container Terminal (BICT) by Indonesia's state-owned port operator PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I (Pelindo I).
  • 2020 Appreciation Award as a recognition for MSC’s effort to support full service to and from Surabaya port during the pandemic by Indonesia's state-owned port operator PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Pelindo III).

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SOLAS VGM Information Indonesia

Government Approval Status

  • The Director General of Sea Transportation, Ministry of Transport, recently issued Regulation No. Hk.103/2/4/DTP2_16 on Verified Gross Mass of Container (VGM) carried by vessel (DG Regulation), which has been effective since 1 June 2016.
  • The DG Regulation aims to implement the VGM requirements for container as required by the Amendment to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).
  • In the event if there is a discrepancy between the weights of the container received before container arrived at the terminal facility at the port and the VGM acquired through the weighing facility in the port, then the VGM that is recognized is the one acquired from the terminal facility in the port.
  • Container exceeding the maximum gross weight as stated by the Safety Approval Plate (CSC Safety Plate) will not be loaded into the vessel.
  • Failure to comply with the DG Regulation is punishable by a sanction in a form of prohibition to load the container to the vessel by the port authority (syahbandar) which may impact the financing including postponement of loading or demurrage or return of container as stipulated by a contract between the parties.

What to include in your VGM instructions to MSC

  • The following items are mandatory and must be on all VGM instructions 
  • Booking or BL number 
  • Container number 
  • VGM – Verified Gross Mass 
  • Authorized person’s signatory (submitter of the VGM who may be authorized to act on behalf of shippers) 
  • Responsible party Name (Shipper on B/L) 

How to submit you VGM instructions?

  • myMSC
  • INTTRA; GT NEXUS; Cargo SMart 
  • Via email-
  • Subject Header of the Email, please indicate as <Submit VGM – Loading Vessel Name & Voyage – MSC assigned Booking Number>. 

Deadlines for sending your VGM instructions 

  • VGM cut-off deadlines for Email submission = 48 hours prior to Vessel ETA
  • VGM cut-off deadlines EDI channels = Container yard (CY) cut-off time

  • Admin Fees and Costs
  • MSC Indonesia encourages clients to declare VGM via online submission. There are no administrative charges imposed by MSC for the moment. Should there be new information, we will share with you.
  • Should there be any charges levied by 3rd party or by MSC incurred as a result of NO VGM received timely, will be for Shipper’s account.

  • For Part-Load shipments – instances where there are multiple Shippers consolidating their cargo in the same container. Please appoint 1 of the Shipper to submit VGM per container to MSC.
  • VGM cut-off information is available on the Booking Confirmation Form &
  • Amendments of VGM information are allowed before the assigned deadline.

    Contact Information
  • Customer Desk Services +6221 5080 5000 ext #300
  • Email:
  • Prohibited Cargo Indonesia


    • Narcotics and drugs
    • Pornographic materials
    • Politically sensitive materials such printed papers, pictures
    • Firearms, explosives, ammunition
    • Guns, sport weapons/hunting guns
    • There are also a number of restricted items or those that need special licenses. For more information, see the link below.


    • No items are completely prohibited. However, there are a number of restrictions in place. For more information on the current restrictions, please click here.

    Chargement de la cargaison

    Les installations de manutention de fret de MSC sont stratégiquement situées pour assurer le chargement efficace et rapide des marchandises destinées à l’exportation et à l’importation. Nous fournissons également des services de consolidation, de chargement et de rechargement de marchandises, d’emballage, de déballage et de chargement croisé, des conteneurs aux camions.
    Liquid Cargo
    Streamline your liquid supply chain with MSC's complete fit & supply flexi-bag solution for door-to-door deliveries. Flexi-bags allow you to fill dry containers with up to 24,000 litres of liquid or non-hazardous chemicals, offering a safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional liquid transportation methods, such as ISO tank containers.
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    Goods on Hanger (GOH)

    Si vous expédiez des vêtements ou des textiles, vous saurez que les porte-vêtements aident à garder les articles en parfait état et à éviter les plis pendant le transport. Ces cintres spécialement conçus peuvent également aider à réduire les emballages. Chez MSC, nous offrons un service d’installation et de retrait de porte-vêtements efficace et compétitif. Contactez-nous pour en savoir plus.

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