Additional Sailing Omissions on Asia to North Europe Network

On top of the seasonal blank sailing program annoucement of our Swan service,  MSC will exclude additional sailings until  beginning of May from Asia to North Europe, in order to adapt capacity to current market demands amid the evolving COVID-19 situation.

Please be advised that all our others ocean liner services are continuing to operate, in order to provide essential support to supply chains around the world.

Customers may continue to place bookings for the shipments from Asia to North Europe, as we are arranging alternate routings for cargo.


Blanking week 15, voyage 16, ETA Ningbo 11.04.2020

Blanking week 17, voyage 18, ETA Ningbo 25.04.2020

POD Hamburg and POL Yantian will be induced on Albatross service


Blanking week 16, voyage 17, ETA Busan 19.04.2020

Blanking week 18, voyage 19, ETA Busan 03.05.2020

There will be some inducement calls concerning the below ports of discharge:

  • POD Sines on Silk service
  • POD Le Havre on Albatros service
  • POD Antwerp on Condor service

For any questions or concerns regarding this blanking, please contact our MSC local offices.