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Social challenges

Addressing social challenges is at the heart of MSC's business
and part of our DNA, as our work interconnects societies.

Pioneering on sector-specific social issues and addressing links between human rights and environmental challenges will enable resilience, and ensure economic continuity and recovery.

MSC believes in the power of people to connect the world. From our employees at sea and ashore to all our customers, we have a collective responsibility to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our people in the 155 countries where we operate.

Caring for people
The maritime trade and our people at sea play a tremendous role in our everyday lives and in sustaining local and global economies today, and in the future. MSC works with the international community and business partners – who rely on shipping to transport their goods – in addressing emerging challenges arising from the global pandemic as well as advocating for more resilient global maritime value and supply chains.
The responsibility to respect the human rights of seafarers is not limited to the shipping sector. It is our collective duty to address the humanitarian crisis at sea and protect the human rights of seafarers, during COVID-19 and beyond. At MSC we actively engage our stakeholders, collaborating with partners to advocate for shared solutions to social challenges, including the current crew change crisis.
MSC is an active member of the Container Cargo Owners Human Rights Working Group launched by the Institute for Human Rights and Business and the Consumer Goods Forum focused on promoting and advancing Human Rights Due Diligence in Ocean Transportation.
Besides implementing additional health protocols and measures introduced to promote safety and address emerging mental health risks posed to our seafarers, in December 2020 MSC signed the Neptune Declaration on Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change

How MSC is addressing social challenges: highlights from the 2020 Sustainability Report 

  • MSC’s decision-making is underpinned by our sustainability approach, which prioritises generating positive social impact wherever we operate.
  • Despite a challenging 2020, MSC’s resilience as a company was reflected by the MSC family growing by 6%. We continue to invest in our people and promote a diverse, inclusive and thriving working environment
  • MSC’s role in engaging with governments to facilitate a crew change onboard on the MV ANASTASIA that had been stuck off the coast of China since September 2020 was recognised by the International Transport Workers’ Federation and the National Union of Seafarers of India.
  • MSC Shipmanagement developed a COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan to guide prevention measures and procedures, as well as establishing a Health and Wellness Committee onboard each vessel to address emerging mental health risks posed to our seafarers. To inform and improve our crew change strategy, we conducted a voluntary survey on crew wellbeing in April 2020 addressing areas such as happiness, stress, anxiety, discomforts due to the COVID-19 situation.
Sustainability report

MSC issues an annual Sustainability Report to capture progress on our sustainability journey

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