3 Major Ways MSC Supports Customers with Global Fruit Shipments


3 Major Ways MSC Supports Customers with Global Fruit Shipments



Demand for global fresh fruits is growing exponentially, with consumers attracted in ever greater numbers to the potential health benefits of these nutritious treats, not least following the COVID-19 pandemic. Revenue in the fresh fruits market alone reached US$674.50 billion in 2023, with the industry expected to expand annually by a 6.79% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the next five years*.

However, delivering fresh fruits globally on time and in optimal condition comes with many inherent challenges. The freshness, taste, texture and aroma of these delicate and highly perishable goods can be easily compromised if fruit exporters and importers do not work with a shipping and logistics partner with modern equipment, reliable trade services and essential expertise.

Our experts will be attending Asia Fruit Logistica 6-8 September at AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong and sharing how MSC helps customers deliver perishable commodities reliably and efficiently worldwide. Make an appointment with us here and meet our experts at the MSC booth located at Hall 5, Stand 5C02. Here's an inside look at some of the insights they will be sharing.

1. As the Market Grows, So Do Our Global Trade Services, Providing Greater Reliability, More Direct Connections and Better Transit Times
MSC is passionate about keeping global trade moving wherever and whenever we are needed. That’s why we are expanding our services and equipment continuously. In Asia, for example, we have invested extensively in new services to connect producers to their core regional and overseas markets. This includes significant enhancements to our Intra-Asia service, such as the new direct calls between Thailand, Vietnam and China on our Seagull service and a new call between China, Malaysia and Indonesia on the Dolphin line that were added in June 2023.

These services provide a vital link for producers in countries, such as China, Thailand and Vietnam that have seen fruit trades grow exponentially in recent years. For instance, Thailand exports large volumes of durians to markets such as China and Hong Kong, longans (to China and Hong Kong) and young coconuts (to the US, Japan, and China). Vietnam ships bananas, dragon fruits and durians to China, Australia, the US, Japan and Taiwan. Meanwhile, China transports mandarin oranges (from Xiamen to Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia), pomelos (from Xiamen to Europe), fresh apples (from Qingdao to the Middle East, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Southeast Asia), and plums and grapes (from Dalian to Indonesia).

MSC also supports fruit imports from foreign markets to Asia through our global shipping and logistics network. This represents an essential service for producers looking to export to countries, such as China, which is consuming more foreign fruit than ever before, including cherries, oranges, grapes and apples. MSC enables direct trade into this market through several services, including our South America West Coast and Oceania and South Africa lines.

Did you know? As of 2023, MSC delivers fresh fruits from 90 major export countries to 120 major import countries on behalf of our customers. Explore our trade services that provide outstanding global coverage here.

2. Fruits Are Preserved in Perfect Condition with Our World-Leading Reefer Fleet Backed by Advanced Cooling Technology
One of the biggest challenges that exporters and importers face is keeping their fruits fresh, tasty and visually appealing throughout the transportation journey. Being extremely sensitive to atmospheric changes, fruits will bruise or even ripen too quickly without precise temperature, ventilation or humidity control.

Modern reefer technology keeps such perishable cargoes in optimal condition, whether you’re shipping apples, bananas, durians or any other type of fruit. MSC's world-leading reefer fleet ensures producers can leverage cutting-edge temperature control technology for their shipments. Our reefer containers are backed by controlled atmosphere (CA) systems to provide a longer shelf life, vent settings to reduce ethylene and carbon dioxide build-ups that can accelerate the ripening process and cause discolouration, and dehumidification to avoid fungi, mould and dehydration. These systems include StarCool® CA,
XtendFRESH®, Liventus®, Maxtend® and Purfresh®.

With the youngest reefer fleet in the industry and extensive plug-point charging availability, MSC is unrivalled in its ability to keep fruit cargo in perfect condition. You can learn more about our reefer cargo solutions here.

Did you know? As the world’s largest producer and consumer of fresh fruits as well as a major importer, China is too important a market to miss!

3. Specialist Support is Crucial for Protecting Fruits During Transit
Another challenge that fruit producers face is keeping perishable fruits from being damaged due to inadequate handling during shipping.

MSC's dedicated team of fruit experts has expertise across all types of fruit, enabling us to advise on best practices for packing and shipping all types of cargo. Our experience of shipping fresh produce globally also ensures we can provide scalable, tailor-made solutions to fit each customer’s unique supply chain. This includes everything from guidance for preparing containers to food-grade specifications to pre-trip inspections and disinfection, including our chemical-free Cold Treatment process.

Did you know? MSC's dedicated customer service team has more than 1,000 reefer specialists. We ensure their experience in reefer transportation and market requirements is always up-to-date by continuously training them on the latest standards and technologies through our MSC Reefer Academy.

Meet MSC at Asia Fruit Logistica 2023 to Find Out More
To ensure the timely and impeccable delivery of perishable cargo, we recommend choosing a shipping and logistics specialist, such as MSC, who can deliver extensive port coverage, as well as the right equipment and expertise. If your business needs more than shipping solutions, MSC also provide integrated transportation solutions such as intermodal and warehousing in certain markets.

Make an appointment to meet our experts at Asia Fruit Logistica 2023 to find out more!

*Source: https://www.statista.com/outlook/cmo/food/fruits-nuts/fresh-fruits/worldwide