MSC Statement on MSC LUCIA Incident


MSC Statement on MSC LUCIA Incident


MSC Grateful for Rapid Assistance in Safely Resolving Gulf of Guinea Incident

Following a piracy attack on the MSC Lucia container ship in the Gulf of Guinea on 25 October, MSC is pleased to report that the incident has been resolved and all crew members have been found safe and unharmed.

The safety of crew is a top priority and MSC would like to express its sincere gratitude to all participants – namely, MDAT-GoG, IMB Piracy centres, the Russian and Italian Navies – for the remarkable cooperation that led to this successful rescue. 

This incident underscores the importance of maintaining the increased presence of naval forces and assets in the Gulf of Guinea. Also, it highlights that progress in the fight against maritime piracy requires a solid framework of cooperation and coordination at international, regional and national levels, which MSC continues to support.