Your Cup of Coffee Anywhere


Your Cup of Coffee Anywhere


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As well as being an essential part of many people's day, coffee is a vital component of many of the world's economies, and require the best care from planting to consumption.

Present in 155 countries and all major ports from continent to continent, MSC has a great understanding of the needs of the coffee industry, ensuring the safe transport of coffee beans through international waters - guaranteeing that thousands of cups of coffee are filled every day.

With the coffee season approaching for Latin American countries, MSC is once again committed to offering the highest level of service, industry-tailored solutions, and the peace of mind of knowing that each shipment will arrive at its destination in the best condition, preserving the aroma, smell and freshness that is expected from the world's largest exporters and producers of coffee.

By choosing MSC, our customers in the coffee industry can enjoy these benefits and more, including:

   - Dedicated customer service.  

   - Efficient transit time, even during peak seasons.  

   - Strong intermodal offerings. 

   - Extensive equipment availability.

   - High space capacity on board our vessels.

At MSC, we understand the needs of the coffee industry, and tailor our services through our expertise in transport solutions that allow coffee beans to reach their destination in any season, always receiving specialised care and attention while on board with us.

For more information about our coffee services, please visit our website or contact your local MSC representative.