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MSC, 1995'ten beri müşterilerinin Türkiye'ye ve Türkiye'den yük göndermesini sağlıyor. Bugün, 230'dan fazla küresel rotayı birbirine bağlayan 30 servis ile MSC Türkiye, yılda 2.000.000 TEU'dan fazla taşımacılık kapasitesine sahip.

MSC Türkiye'nin Kazandığı Ödüller

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SOLAS VGM bilgileri

Government approval status

Directorate General Of Dangerous Goods and Combined Transport under Ministry Of Transportation, Maritime and Communication of Turkey, is the regulator in charge of VGM.
The tolerance is NO MORE / NO LESS (+/-) than 5 % for a packed container.
Authorities are entitled to carry out the inspections randomly for the accuracy of VGM information on containers which are stacked in the ports ready for loading. In case of any noncompliance of the VGM directive, administrative penalties might be applied.
Method 2 can be applicable only for shippers whom are licensed by the relevant government authorities.
There is no any enforcement provided by VGM directive for application of NO VGM NO GATE IN policy. Marine Terminal Operator has right to reject or accept the gate-in of a packed container, if its VGM information has not been provided.
Please check the announcement on VGM directive, dated 02 June 2016
What to include in your VGM instructions
The following items are mandatory and must be on all VGM instructions:
Booking or Bill of Lading number
Container number
VGM (must be expressed in kilograms)
Weighing date
Weighbridge identity (registration no/serial no/authorization number)
The method used for defining VGM (Method 1 and Method 2)

For VGM definition by Method 1, weighbridge operator name / title
For VGM definition by Method 2, authorized shipper’s name / title and license number

Authorized person’s signature (submitter of the VGM should be authorized to act on behalf of shippers)

How to submit your VGM instructions either:

Regardless of the instrument used for submission of information listed above, the VGM document must be issued in scope of:
The shipper or authorized third party must provide the VGM document in template provided by MSC.
The VGM document must be filled and duly signed by the authorized person.

The shipper must provide either a POA (Power Of Attorney) or Proxy or Signature Circular for the authorized person as a proof of its representation for declaration of VGM.
Deadlines for sending your VGM instructions
Specific cut off date and hour for the VGM, will be mentioned on booking /reservation stage and vessel schedules provided by the local agency.
Cut off times may vary according to each Marine terminal’s capacity and regulation.
Admin Fees and costs
For VGM submissions, below tariff will be applied by MSC;


 VGM Submission Fees in USD 
 VGM Submission fee (EDI)  $ 5+vat/Bill of lading (if submitted via, Inttra, etc...)
 VGM Submission fee (Manual)  $ 25+vat/Container (if not submitted via EDI)
 VGM Late Submission fee  $ 50+vat/Container (if submitted after cut off but accepted on the loading list of the vessel)
 VGM Misdeclaration fee  $ 500+vat/Container (if submitted wrong or missing )
 VGM weighing at terminal Charges may vary dependig on the Port Terminal. Pls contact our local agent. 

Yasaklı Yükler

It is illegal to bring the following items into or out of the Turkey.


  • Hashish and prepared opium.
  • Spawn of silk worm.
  • Soil or particular plant material if for agricultural purposes.
  • Particular (semi-)automatic gambling machines, e.g. roulette, pinball.
  • Particular dyers.
  • Articles infringing intellectual property rights.
  • Goods bearing counterfeit labels or marks.
  • Particular wastes the stipulation of which correlates to the wastes as specified in the European Commission Decision (2000/532/EC) of 3 May 2000.
In addition to the prohibited goods above, there are a number of items that are heavily restricted. 


Yerel İthalat Gereklilikleri

Documents Required for Import Delivery Order
1. Original bill of lading duly signed and endorsed by the authorized signatory by consignee.
2. Identity card of the person who applies to our office to pick up the delivery order and power of attorney including the necessary authorities.
3. In case of the absence of the power of attorney, the letter of indemnity which was issued by the receiver company with the authorized signatures on it and also the circular of signature
o Letter of indemnity
4. In case of temporary import formalities of the container temporary acceptence indemnity form which should be duly signed and endorsed by the final receiver must be filled up.
o Recognizance of temprory acceptence-Basis of loading
o Recognizance of temprory acceptence-Yearly
5. A proof document which shows the payment in favor of MSC Shipping Agency S.A. for the local charges, deposit & freight charges if any. (Please contact our offices for further details.)
6. In case of PERSONAL EFFECT CARGO, the following documents shall be produced in addition to the above: Original passport and copy of passport.

The following endorsements are required
B/L consigned TO ORDER: Shipper's endorsement is necessary. If it is not exsiting then a letter of indemnity  is necessary.
B/L consigned TO BANK: Bank's endorsement is necessary; if the B/L is consigned to the bank of particular branch then that Branch's endorsement is necessary.
B/L consigned TO A NAMED CONSIGNEE: the named consignee must endorse the B/L.
Telex release - the telex release message has to be received by respective MSC Agency (Turkey) from load port. The delivery order will not be issued on the basis of a photocopy of telex release message produced by consignee. The consignee needs to keep in touch with our office to enquire the same before releasing the delivery order.
Freight payable elsewhere - in case of freight payable elsewhere, respective MSC Agency (Turkey) should receive "freight paid" confirmation from the elsewhere location. The consignee needs to keep in touch with our office to enquire the same before releasing the delivery order.
Express release - in case of express bill of lading, cargo can be released to the consignee on the manifest without requiring any original document.

Yerel İhracat Gereklilikleri

Documents Required for release of original bill of lading (OBL)
Booking form is a pre-order of a shipping instruction given by the Shipper. The booking form must contain following information:
Name of the shipper
Contact details
Shipping date
Number of containers
Type & size of containers
Mode and place of stuffing
Inland carriage specification
Port of loading
Port of discharge
Agreed sea freight
Payment terms
In case of hazardous cargo, the booking form must also contain the following:
Correct technical name of the cargo
UN number
IMDG page number
Flash point
Shipping Instruction form is a BL instuction given by the Shipper in a format prescribed by MSC Shipping S.A.
Telex Release form enables the release of the goods without presenting OBL. The shipper must surrender full set of OBLs along with a request form.
Sea Waybill form enables the shipment to be manifested as SEA WAYBILL, and ensures that shippers will not request any OBL for the mentioned shipment/regular traffic.
To be given by a merchant (shipper) prior to the issuance of a Non-Negotiable Sea Waybill in order to deliver cargo to a party nominated by the shipper (“the consignee”). This Letter of Undertaking should be issued on the letterhead of the party giving it, or this form should be signed and accompanied by a covering letter on their letterhead, confirming that the party has issued it. As the application of the Sea Waybill can vary from region to region, customers are required to contact concerned MSC liner for an approval in time of quotation before filling in the form.

Authorization letter: Identity card of the person who applies for release of OBL with an authorization letter of shipper and also the authorized signature letter of the company. This is requested only once.  If the customs broker applies for BL release, then a copy of power of attorney of the shipper need to be presented.
Courier commitment form is required from customers requesting OBL to be sent to their address by courier. An authorized signature letter of the company, containing the signature of whom applies for the courier commitment form must be enclosed as well.
In case of hazardous cargo, a copy of Hazardous Declaration form must be presented by the shipper (to be collected from our office after stuffing of the container and 48 hours prior vessel's arrival of port of loading) And for shipments through Istanbul ports then following form must be presented.
Material Safety Data Sheet must also be applied from the shipper's non-hazardous chemical commodity. (to be collected from our office after stuffing of the container and 48 hours prior vessel's arrival of port of loading)
Due to the 10+2 Requirements for USA, for your exports to USA or via USA, besides the shipping orders Commodity Harmonized Tariff Schedule Number -first six digit- should be supplied to us (441520 Pallets , box pallets and other load boards). Sorry to inform that unless the HS CODES are not provided there will be no possiblity to accept your cargo due to the 10+2 Requirements for USA. These codes should also be filled by you or your agent in US customs. Any dicrepeancy between the given code to our agency and the one that filled in US system is definately not acceptable and may cause serious problems. Concerned codes are available at the following link Neither the webmastering nor the control of subject website done by MSC Shipping Agency. Therefore, our company can not consider the responsiblity for any misinformation or erroneous content provided by this website.


Bilgi Toplumu Hizmetleri

Detaylı bilgi için

Terminal Listesi

Ports and terminals
MSC operates services to and from the following Turkey ports and terminals, with local teams in each location to support our customers.


 Port of Loading  Terminal 1   Terminal 2  Terminal 3  Terminal 4   
Tekirdag Asyaport        
Istanbul Marport        
Gebze Yılport Evyap  DP World Yarımca  Safiport  
Gemlik Gemport        
Bandırma Celebi        
Mersin Mersin International Port (MIP)        
Iskenderun  Assanport         
Antalya Q Terminals        
Izmir Alsancak        
Aliaga Nemport        
Trabzon Alport        
Samsun Samsunport        

Sıvı Yük Çözümleri

MSC’nin ihtiyacınızla uyumlu flexi-bag çözümleri ile sıvı yüklerinizin kapıdan kapıya taşımacılık sürecini kolaylaştırın. Flexi-bag, konteynerleri 24.000 litreye kadar sıvı veya kimyasallarla doldurmanıza olanak tanıyarak, ISO tank konteynerleri gibi geleneksel sıvı taşıma yöntemlerine güvenli, uygun maliyetli ve çevre dostu bir alternatif sunar.

Askılı Konteyner Çözümleri

Giysi ve tekstil ürünlerin taşınmasında kullanılan özel askılar, ürünleri en iyi durumda tutmaya ve taşıma sırasında kırışmayı önlemeye yardımcı olmaktadır. Özel olarak tasarlanmış bu askılar sayesinde paketlemeyi de azaltabilirsiniz. MSC olarak sizlere daha verimli ve rekabetçi bir askılı konteyner hizmeti sunuyoruz. Daha fazlasını öğrenmek için bizimle iletişime geçin.

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