Enhanced MSC Mobile Game now Available


Enhanced MSC Mobile Game now Available


Available on the Apple Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android), the updated game provides fun, engaging entertainment for the users, who can navigate a giant container ship, collect rewards and earn trophies..

While featuring MSC’s modern fleet including some of the world’s largest container ships and the actual MSC global network of some 200 ocean services worldwide, the game also provides insights into MSC’s environmental performance and sustainability approach.

Users will not only learn about preserving the environment, but they will have to complete the different levels in a most sustainable way possible. The 2020 version of the game includes some exciting new features such as 16 new levels in four different locations, global leaderboard to encourage competition, and use of biofuels to maximise environmental performance.  

Conducting shipping operations in a responsible way

MSC is a responsible company with a longstanding nautical heritage and passion for the sea. The company is pleased to introduce the Sea Rider game as a way to raise awareness on the importance of investing in sustainability and conducting container shipping operations in a most responsible and efficient way.

Recently, MSC published its 2019 Sustainability Report highlighting some key achievements from all MSC Group of companies. To read the report, please go to msc.com/sustainability.


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