Episode Five: Keep Your Cargo Safe with Short Sea Shipping


Episode Five: Keep Your Cargo Safe with Short Sea Shipping


Join us as we deep dive into the 7 benefits of choosing MSC for your European and Short Sea shipments.
Part five of our Short Sea video series features Matthias Harm, our Short Sea expert in Germany, explaining how Short Sea shipping can help keep your cargo safe along every step of the journey.

Matthias will talk you through a variety of benefits including:

  • How Short Sea shipping can mean less risk of theft, damage and contamination due to cargo being less accessible at sea.
  • How our trained experts focus on our customers’ requirements to ensure cargo safety needs are met.
  • How our range of state-of-the-art equipment ensures all types of cargo is cared for in the best possible way throughout the journey.

Here at MSC, we pride ourselves on ensuring safe and secure transportation

Matthias Harm Short Sea Expert in Germany

Cuando tu negocio necesita más

Estamos aquí para ayudarte a ahorrar costes y reducir tu huella de carbono.
  • Regularidad de los embarques

  • Soluciones a medida

  • Mayor capacidad

  • Precios competitivos

  • Soluciones de principio a fin

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