Digital Ship Athens 2018: Digital Transformation Requires an Industry-wide Effort


Digital Ship Athens 2018: Digital Transformation Requires an Industry-wide Effort


The 16th Annual Digital Ship Athens Conference & Exhibition brings together leading industry experts in Greece November 7-8, with over 300 participants including 150 shipping companies.

Directly after the opening address, Andre Simha will be interviewed on the topic of Turning Innovation into Reality – A Focus on Collaboration and Standardisation in Shipping, in conversation with Giampiero Soncini, Director of investment company KZM Management.

Andre Simha, Global Chief Information Officer at MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A.

“The drivers of digitalization, and the benefits it will bring, are huge: more transparency and efficiency, significant cost savings, reductions in delays, increased safety and security, to name just a few,” says Andre Simha.

Over the last couple of years, there has been an increasing realisation among shipping lines that it’s better to work together on an industry-wide solution rather than to build proprietary digital systems. After all, many customers ship with more than one carrier to support their complex supply chains.

The growing desire among shipping companies to collaborate on digitalization has manifested itself in a growing number of constructive discussions and pilot projects undertaken together.

Smart containers – which MSC is deploying in partnership with TRAXENS – are an example of where cooperation will benefit customers and also the shipping lines, because it will result in a more comprehensive solution that will make services more efficient.

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