Fire on Maersk Honam – Jade Service

Maersk Line has reported a serious fire in one of the cargo holds on the vessel Maersk Honam FJ806W, operating on the Jade Service – Far East to Western Mediterranean.

The vessel is carrying 7860 containers, including cargo belonging to MSC customers.

The incident was reported en route from Singapore to Suez. As of the morning of Wednesday 7 March the vessel was positioned around 900 nautical miles southeast of Salalah, Oman.

Various ships came to assist and 23 crew members were successfully evacuated. The search for four crew members reported missing is ongoing, according to Maersk Line.

Services assisting

MSC Lauren, operating on the Phoenix/Jaguar Service was in the area when the incident was reported and diverted course to assist, in line with normal procedures at sea.

Edith Maersk (Condor Service) and Gerd Maersk (America Service) were also diverted to assist.

MSC is in contact with Maersk Line about the contingency plan, and we will provide updates in due course.


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