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Connecting Belgium to the world

MSC BELGIUM NV is a maritime shipping agency founded and established in Antwerp, Belgium in 1999 as direct agents of the Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC) of Geneva, Switzerland, a privately owned shipping line. 

With a streamlined management structure, MSC has become a leading customer focused and cost-effective global transportation solution for many shippers. 
MSC BELGIUM NV facilitates the transportation of containerised cargo to and from all 5 Continents with weekly scheduled sailings from and arrivals to the Port of Antwerp. As well as traditional shipping agency services, MSC Belgium offers modern and innovative door-to-door, tri-modal services via truck, rail and barge through its intermodal partner. 

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Free Night Opening Medrepair S11

The night opening of Medrepair S11 will be free of charge from 4 September until further notice to avoid daytime road congestion in and around Antwerp.
Our dedicated team is fully prepared to handle your cargo during the night, allowing you to avoid road congestion in and around Antwerp during the day. 

To take advantage of free container pick-up and drop-off at night, simply follow the steps explained in this document.

Opening hours Medrepair S11:

  • Continuous service from Monday 06:00 to Saturday 06:00 
  • Night openings between 22:00 - 06:00 

For further assistance, please contact your local MSC representative or our dedicated operations experts: 
Office Medrepair S11                                              +32 3 217 93 00 

Supported by: 

Tariff Guidelines

You can find the 2024 Tariff Guidelines here: Tariff Guidelines 

VGM Information 

What is VGM? 

- Verified Gross Mass or VGM refers to the exact, verified weight of a packed container. For safety reasons, vessel operators can only load a container if its weight has been verified. VGM can be submitted on 

Government approval status 

- The government will check the procedures and will certify the methods used - Additional info    
- The General Service for Shipping (DGS) will be responsible for enforcement and implementation of the VGM regulation within Belgium. 
- More info 

What do I need to include in my VGM instructions? 
- The following items are mandatory and must be on all VGM instructions 
- Booking or Bill of Lading number 
- Container number 
- VGM + unit 
- Authorized person’s signatory (submitter of the VGM who may be authorized to act on behalf of shippers 
- Responsible party Name  

Deadlines for sending your vgm instruction 
- VGM must be known to the ship-agent, at least 24hours before physical closing of the vessel. The VGM cut-off date will be mentioned on the booking confirmation. 
- If the VGM is received later, the container will not be planned/loaded on the vessel. 

Entrance at the terminal 
- Containers arriving at the gate without VGM will be allowed at the terminal, however not loaded when VGM not provided in time. Please be aware that the terminal has no weighing facilities. 

Admin fees and costs 
- If the VGM has to be handled manually by the local agent, a local fee of 25€ per container will be applied.  This also applies for VGM info added in the electronic booking. 
- If the VGM is not received before VGM closing time, container will be put on hold and all related costs (like demurrage, storage, moves, plugging), will be for the account of the shipper. 


Contact information 
Customer service desk 
Your local MSC contact 
+32 3 543 22 00 

Hazardous Cargo

Hazardous cargo must be declared to Port Authorities, latest, 24 hours before arrival of container on quay in Antwerp. 
For Vessels' arrivals during Weekend, latest, at 12:00 (noontime) on Friday:
always fulfilling 24 hrs before container's arrival on quay. 

For this purpose DC (Dangerous Cargoes) Data must be available as per above-mentioned deadlines combined with guidelines of MSC Dangerous Cargo Dept. 

Port restrictions  
- Port restrictions related to specific DG classes or UN numbers can be found in the port restrictions of DMAXS. 

Shipper is responsible for removing old labels on containers or attach proper ones according to hazardous contents, costs to correct those deficiencies in Antwerp include: 
- 2 extra moves 
- Labels/labour 
- Photo 
For a Lump sum of Euro 225,00/handling 
Imo Declaration HKD (harbour master)by MSC BE : Eur 55,00 per container. 

Harbour Declaration 
- All hazardous containers with port of loading Antwerp must be in DMAXS with container number in status ACCEPTED or FINALISED prior to arrival at terminal (by truck, train or barge). 


Agent Booking/Sub ref  Container Type POL Brossbk Status
 MSC Agency X  213B6543210   MSC1234567  DV/20  Antwerp  False  Finalised
  MSC Agency X  213B0123456   MEDU1234567  DV/20  Antwerp True   Accepted

As per Municipal Council decision of 19 December 2016 under article 4.2.4 (1-5) of the MUNICIPAL PORT POLICE REGULATIONS all dangerous and/or contaminating goods (meaning hazardous cargo) have to be declared to the port authorities. The declaration must reach the Harbourmaster's Office no later than 24 hours before the scheduled handling time. Declaration has to be done electronically. 

After a period of grace all violations will now be penalized by Harbormaster's office with a fine per container. 
Since all violations will be penalized by Harbormaster's office, we will have to charge 250 EUR for every non-conformity with these instructions. 

In Antwerp we retrieve all information from DMAXS. In order to submit the declaration we need the units with container number in status ACCEPTED or FINALISED in DMAXS. 
Only when ACCEPTED or FINALISED with container number we have all crucial information available to successfully submit our declaration. 

This all is only applicable when MSC Belgium has to perform declaration - instead of the forwarder/client. 

In short: All hazardous containers must have container number in status ACCEPTED or FINALISED status in DMAXS 

Charge 250 EUR for non-conformity 

Only applicable if MSC Belgium performs declaration 


Please note cut-offs can be found on our e-business platform or at

How to find cut-offs on MyMSC?

  • Navigate in the menu on the left to Schedules & Cut-offs.
  • Click on By Booking if you want to retrieve the information for a specific booking or click on By Port if you want to retrieve the information for a particular port pair.   

Exchange Rate

Our online e-business platform offers the possibility to retrieve the Rate of Exchange, for import & export shipments. 

Belgium Intermodal

 Learn more about our Intermodal Services here.   

Tariff Guidelines

You can find the 2024 Tariff Guidelines here: Tariff Guidelines 

Terminal Information

Antwerp (BEANR) – MSC PSA European Terminal, Europa Terminal, Noordzee Terminal, Antwerp Gateway
Zeebrugge (BEZEE) – CSP Zeebrugge Terminal


Quay 1718-1742
9130 Doel, Belgium
Main Tel: +32 3 260 61 11
NCTS Code: BE101000
Open: Every day – 24 hours a day (only waterlocked activities)
Gates truck in/out – Mon 0600h till Sat 0600h


Leopold II Laan, Kaai 120
8380 Brugge, Belgium
Main Tel:           +32 50 50 25 00
Gate open:       Monday - Friday 06.00hrs - 21.30hrs


Sint Antoniusweg z/n, Quay 1624
9130 Doel (Beveren), Belgium
Tel: +32 3 217 93 00


Muisbroeklaan 61, Kaai 524
2030 Antwerp
Tel: +32 470 192 902
Open: Monday – Friday from 06h00 to 20h00 


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Call: +32 35432200

Mediterranean Shipping Company Belgium N.V.
Noorderlaan 127a

MSC Reload

Did you know you can now request the reuse of a container with just a few clicks?


With our dedicated MSC Reload platform, you fill in the necessary information and we will take care of the rest.


Submitting your request was never easier.

Request reuse


Die Frachtumschlagseinrichtungen von MSC sind strategisch platziert, um eine effiziente und rechtzeitige Verladung von Export- und Importgütern zu gewährleisten. Wir bieten auch Frachtkonsolidierung, Be- und Umladen, Verpacken, Auspacken und Umladen von Containern auf Lastwagen an.
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Container-Verwiegung (VGM)

Alle MSC-Büros vor Ort verfügen über zertifizierte Waagen zur Aufzeichnung und Überprüfung des Containergewichts (verifizierte Bruttomasse oder VGM) in Übereinstimmung mit den SOLAS-Vorschriften (Safety of Lives at Sea). VGM-Anweisungen sind aus Sicherheitsgründen für alle Sendungen obligatorisch, und die Schiffsbetreiber können einen Container nur dann beladen, wenn sein Gewicht ordnungsgemäß überprüft wurde. Wenden Sie sich an Ihr MSC-Team vor Ort, um weitere Informationen und Unterstützung zu erhalten.
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Liquid Cargo

Streamline your liquid supply chain with MSC's complete fit & supply flexi-bag solution for door-to-door deliveries. Flexi-bags allow you to fill dry containers with up to 24,000 litres of liquid or non-hazardous chemicals, offering a safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional liquid transportation methods, such as ISO tank containers.
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Our team of in-house forestry experts enables us to provide dedicated cargo fumigation services for the seamless shipment of wood. As a specialist in log shipments, including a long track record of shipping wood to the Far East, we provide tailored support for all of our customers, including those with specific requirements due to the bark beetle infestation in Northern Europe.
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