MSC Argentina Celebrate 20 Years of Existence


MSC Argentina Celebrate 20 Years of Existence


20 years have passed since MSC set up its own agency in Argentina, marked by the MSC Santos first call to Buenos Aires, 18 August 1997.

Starting out with just one service from/to Mediterranean, MSC Argentina today offers a global service solutions to our valued customers. 

Service solutions that are built on long-term relationships and an continuous endeavour to always know our customers’ business.

In MSC Argentina we are proud of our colleagues´ dedication and care, standards of behaviour, that we believe are imperative in an ever changing world, that includes both Argentina and our industry, with many new challenges and opportunities as a result.

On behalf of all of MSC Argentina we thank our customers for their loyal support over the last 20 years, and look forward to develop stronger relationships, old as well as new, and be successful together.