UK Import Congestion Surcharge on All Trades

Further to our recent communications, the ongoing and unprecedented congestion affecting the UK port network is expected to continue into early 2021. During this period of significantly high import volumes, many UK ports are experiencing challenges through berthing delays and increased dwell times.

As a result, we inform you that for all types of cargo shipped on board from 16 November (except for cargo ex-USA for which validity is 10 December BL date and cargo ex-Far East for which validity is 1 December BL date) and until further notice, we will be implementing an import congestion surcharge to be applied as follows:

Table-1-2.PNGExceptionally, please note that for reefer shipments from South Africa / SAWC / SAEC / CAM and from the Mediterranean the amounts charged will be at the levels detailed below:

Table-2-3.PNGMSC continues to offer its full range of services during this period. Should you have any questions, please contact your usual MSC representative.