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Detention, demurrage, Per Diem and storage charges

What is demurrage?
Demurrage is the charge applicable, after the free time expires, inside the terminal for the use of the land.

To find out more about detention, demurrage, Per Diem and storage charges, contact our team

SOLAS VGM information

What is VGM? 
- Verified Gross Mass or VGM refers to the exact, verified weight of a packed container. For safety reasons, vessel operators can only load a container if its weight has been verified. 
- In line with SOLAS (Safety of Lives at Sea) regulations, all marine terminals in Cyprus are now allowed to use their certified scales to record Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of shipments. 
What do I need to include in my VGM instructions? 
You must include the following on all VGM instructions:  
- Booking or Bill of Lading (BL) number  
- Container number  
- VGM + weight measurement unit (lbs. or kgs.)  
- Responsible Party Name  
- Digital signature of the authorized signatory in all CAPITAL LETTERS. 

How can I submit my VGM instructions? 
- myMSC (Free of Charge)  
- Manually (via INTTRA)  
- Email: (note: the email will only be monitored for VGM declarations) 

 Guidelines for submitting your VGM instructions 
- MSC prefers to receive a Shipper-Verified Gross Mass (VGM) before cargo is delivered. This helps to avoid any unexpected weighing charges being levied against the cargo at the Limassol Port of Loading, which will be billed to the Shipper of Record. 
- Any Shipper of Record-signed VGM will override any VGM derived at or by the terminal. 
- For truck delivery VGM needed prior container gate in to terminal.  
-Cut of 24 hour prior arrival. 

MSC admin fees and costs  
- Manual VGM Submission Fee (applies to email and inclusion on standard shipping instructions): 35 Euro per container.  

Questions about VGM? 
Contact our MSC Cyprus team

Prohibited cargo

It is illegal to bring the following items into or out of Cyprus. 

- narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and other controlled  pharmaceuticals; 
- obscene matters and objects, such as videocassettes, DVD’s,  films, books, magazines etc.
- flick knives and daggers
- counterfeit and pirated goods
- nuclear, chemical, toxic, biological weapons and similar  substances
- goods used for illegal hunting of game
- counterfeit bank notes
- firearms and weapons other than firearms, such as military  explosive devices and projectile launchers, automatic firearms, ammunition, long-barrel semi-automatic or repeating firearms in accordance with the First Annex of the “Firearms and Weapons Other Than Firearms Law”  no. 113(I) of 2004
- goods shipped or originating from countries under an embargo from the United Nations Security Council and the European Union, such as Iraq, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Sudan. 

View the full list of prohibited and restricted goods here.

- all items the importation of which is prohibited (please see above)
- goods included in the “Defence (Exportation of Goods) Order of 1999

Our terminal 

Ports and terminals

MSC operates services to and from the Limassol port and terminal, with local teams in each location to support our customers. 
 Port of Loading  Terminal 1  
 Limassol CTL Limassol Terminal 

Hazardous Cargo

According to Cyprus Port Authority Regulations Hazardous Containers with IMO Class 3, 4, 8, 9, can remain in the terminal for a maximum duration of 10 days. 

Please find below additional list of Hazardous Chemicals issued by the competent Department of the said Ministry for DIRECT DELIVERY from the Limassol Container Terminal of port of Limassol with effect as from 1st July, 2021. 

 A/A  Chemical Hazards IMDG Category   Substance/Product
 1  Flammable gases  2.1  Hydrogen, UN1049 Acetylene, UN 1001
 2  Toxic gases  2.3

 Chlorine UN1017

Anhydrous Ammonia UN 1005

 3  Oxidising substances and organic peroxides  5.1 and 5.2  Calcium hypochlorite UN 2880, UN 1748, UN 3487
 4  Toxic substances  6  Hydrazine, UN 3293, Toluene diisocyanate, UN 2078, Sodium cyanide, UN 1689

Additional Information

Seals on containers are compulsory and must be reported on manifest and B/L. In case a container landed with a different seal or without seal, we must pay Customs duty on short landed goods value. 

Second hand motor car can not be accepted if is over 5 years old from the date of manufacturing. 

Are excepted from above Regulation second hand motor car Registered in EU Countries and belong to EU Citizens. 

Customs Authorities request for all Imported Vehicles following info to show in the cargo manifest:
- kind of vehicle : ( bus , truck, saloon or van ) 
- brand : (e.g. BMW) 
- Registration Number 
- Complete Chassis Number 

集装箱称重 (VGM)

所有 MSC 当地办事处均提供经过认证的秤,以根据海上人命安全公约 (SOLAS) 规定记录和验证集装箱重量(经验证的总质量或 VGM)。出于安全原因,所有货物都必须有 VGM 说明,并且船舶运营商只有在集装箱重量获得适当验证的情况下才能装载集装箱。请联系您当地的 MSC 团队以获取更多信息和支持。


Our team of in-house forestry experts enables us to provide dedicated cargo fumigation services for the seamless shipment of wood. As a specialist in log shipments, including a long track record of shipping wood to the Far East, we provide tailored support for all of our customers, including those with specific requirements due to the bark beetle infestation in Northern Europe.
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