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MSC commenced operations in the Philippines in 2018 and has subsequently grown rapidly to now have 4 offices in Manila, Davao, General Santos and Cebu. In March 2023, MSC Mediterranean Company Philippines Inc was established as direct agency for MSC to facilitate growth and better serve our customers.


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현지 사무소 정보

Mandatory Customs Requirement for Imports

1. **Customs Memorandum Order 48-2019, requires 6 character HS Code to be indicated on the BL Description. Non-compliance will be subject for penalty on POL account.**

2. Pallets as package type is not acceptable on Customs system

Shipping Requirements for Imports

Request for Bl Nature Code "24" on e-Manifest in lieu of e-Manifest Customs Submission, please note that Bl Nature code is set by default to "23" for all import shipments to Manila.

Requests for Bl Nature Code "24" and final destination should be requested at port origin by shipper to include in Description or marking of Bill of Lading.

Import DO Release Procedure

 Please be guided on the following requirements for online DO processing:

  • Container guarantee 
  • Authorization letter (for broker) 
  • BL copy (preferably Master BL copy) 
  • ID of Authorized Signatories 
  • ID of Authorized Representatives 
  • Payment Deposit slips – please follow Bills Payment Instruction sent in separate mail 
  • No need for AISL/GoFast 

For Shipments under OBL Status: 

  • Please send scanned copy of OBL (must be colored) with endorsement from Consignee (stamped and signed by authorized signatory) thru email, crossed out Front and Back of OBL to void. No need to surrender the hardcopy. 
  • Note: If OBL is “To the Order of Shipper”, OBL must be endorsed by the Shipper and the Consignee. 
Always send all proof of payments/depo slips to Finance group email for faster payment confirmation –,


Should you have further inquiries or concerns, please feel free to contact Import at the following email address. 

Manifest Concerns / Arrival Notice / Demurrage Computation: 

Import Billing: 

CRO/DO Releasing / Revalidation: 

Detention / Damage Invoices: 

Import Group Email:

Payment Procedure

Please be informed that starting Mar 30 2023, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company Philippines Inc , is now enrolled to Bills Payment Facility via Business Online Banking, Over the Counter Payment and Personal Online Banking with BDO Unibank, Inc.

We encourage our clients to use this facility, to avoid inconvenience as we will no longer recognize payment made using ordinary deposit on our BDO account. Starting March 30 all payments must be via bills payment facility and will be strictly be implemented starting Apr 3.

Note: Please only pay what currency is indicated in the invoice.

Kindly refer to below reminders and to the attached manual for your reference.
1. Bills Payment is a collection arrangement offered to corporate clients (BILLERS) who need to collect payments from its customers (PAYORS).

2. All bills payment made to our account, whether done by clients or initiated by our company, will require a Subscriber's Name and Subscriber's Account Number.
a. Company Name : MSC SA PHP or MSC SA PHP CONDEP
b. Subscriber Account Name refers to Consignee or Shipper’s name
c. Subscriber Account Number refers to BL number or Invoice num, (please refer to below).

3. Acceptable sources of online banking payment:
a. Savings Account
b. Checking Account

4. Payment Acceptance:
a. Full payments shall only be accepted.
b. Please present the invoice to the bank teller.
c. Payments with no invoice will not be accepted

5. Details for Bills Payment:
Biller Name : MSC SA PHP ( for Freight/THC ) MSC SA PHP CONDEP ( for container
Institution Code : 2374 for freight payments . 2376 for container deposit
Subscriber Name : Pls indicate Shipper or consignee name
Subscriber Account Number : Pls indicate the BL number or invoice number

6. To do Bills Payment via BDO Business Online Banking and Personal Online Banking, go to this link and follow the manual attached.

Goods on Hanger (GOH)

If you ship clothing or textiles, you'll know that garment racks help to keep items in top condition and avoid creasing during transit. These specially designed hangers can also help to reduce packaging. At MSC, we offer an efficient and competitive garment rack installation and removal service. Contact us to find out more.
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