Episode Three: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Short Sea Shipping

Join us as we deep dive into the 7 benefits of choosing MSC for your European and Short Sea shipments.
In part three of our Short Sea video series, we are joined by Pieter-Jan Van Daele, our Short Sea expert in Belgium. Pieter explains how Short Sea shipping allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and achieve your sustainability goals
Some of the benefits explained by Pieter-Jan are:
  • How sea freight can help decarbonise the supply chain
  • How Short Sea shipping opens up opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint while saving on cost

Short Sea shipping offers lower CO2 emissions per tonne per km when compared to other means of transport

Pieter-Jan Van Daele Short Sea Expert in Belgium

Quando la tua azienda ha bisogno di qualcosa di più

Siamo qui per aiutarti a risparmiare sui costi e a ridurre le tue emissioni CO2
  • Regolarità delle spedizioni

  • Soluzioni personalizzate

  • Capacità potenziata

  • Prezzi competitivi

  • Soluzioni complete

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