MSC Unveils Cargo Protection Solution


MSC is expanding its commercial offering in North America by launching Extended Protection, a solution that helps customers deal with and be better protected against accidental damage.

While taking all the necessary precautions, ocean and inland transportation does not come risk-free. Major unforeseen events, such as rough weather, fire, theft, and many other occurrences, can be the cause of accidental cargo damage.

Valid for shippers based in USA and Canada and while cargo is in the care of MSC, Extended Protection helps safeguard cargo owners by providing a supplementary “all risk” layer of protection, designed to protect against almost any kind of accidents, from major land and maritime risks, to reefer malfunction.

Why choose MSC Extended Protection?

For some cargo owners, protecting against unknown risks can be quite complicated, time consuming and expensive. Thanks to this solution, MSC is able to offer a quotation with the assurance of tailor-made rates and no hidden costs, with very little restrictions as to the nature of the cargo.

The scope of MSC’s Extended Protection can extend from warehouse-to-warehouse and anything in between, including port-to-port and door-to-port, and is equally applicable for reefers and dry containers with a high value limit.

MSC applies a very personalised one-stop shop approach to cargo protection. Extended Protection ensures a speedy and efficient indemnification process via a simplified claims procedure. Cargo claims are handled directly by MSC through a fast-track procedure to ensure easy processing, the reliability of a dedicated Claims Team, and the assurance of a surveyor appointed by MSC.

To learn all the details, please visit our dedicated page. For any immediate questions, please consult our FAQs.