Learn more about the MSC Reefer MasterClass at Fruit Logistica, Berlin


Do you want to learn more about new reefer technology and how it keeps your fruits in perfect condition? Would you like the chance to meet representatives from the entire cold chain, and see how a reefer operates on its journey? Come and find out more about the MSC Reefer MasterClass, at stand B03 in hall 25 at Fruit Logistica, February 5-6 in Berlin.

The MSC Reefer MasterClass is a series of events around the world which will continue through 2019, following the success of those already held in Spain, Israel, Peru and Chile last year.

Our teams are trained continuously on the latest standards and technologies, so your cargo will be in safe hands throughout the supply chain from the moment it is loaded until it reaches its destination. From one-trip to integrated controlled atmosphere (CA) systems, MSC works with various partners to meet all customer requests everywhere in the world.

The MSC Reefer MasterClass combines theory with practical demonstrations. We present the most advanced and innovative reefer technologies, systems and services which keep customers’ cargo in the best condition throughout its journey. For example, recent training in Chile and Peru included insight into XtendFRESH™ CA technology, recently acquired by MSC to limit fruit ripening and extend shelf-life, enabling export over longer distances and creating new opportunities for customers.

Trainers take a special look at different types of technology-based applications, according to the storage and transportation requirements of a variety of cargo. They give practical demonstrations of the equipment we use and also provide an assessment of recent market developments and new business opportunities featuring real-life case studies, trials and successes.

Integrated and holistic approach

Participants have the chance to meet all key stakeholders in the cold chain at the same time, to understand all the benefits of this equipment from all perspectives, including directly from the manufacturers themselves.

Organised upon request, a class can include up to 50 participants, gathering MSC reefer experts, fruit and vegetable exporters, brokers, producers, technology suppliers, and technical staff, depot owners, logistics coordinators, health inspectors and consultants. It can be scheduled to take about four hours or be spread over a two-day programme, and can take place anywhere in the world.


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