Levante Express Port Diversion in U.K.

Please be advised that due to the significant, ongoing congestion in the UK, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company has taken the decision to terminate the following voyage at the Port of Liverpool.


MSC MICHAELA was en route from La Spezia to London Gateway, but will instead make a call at Liverpool to terminate the voyage. This decision was taken as a solution to ensure we could discharge our customers’ cargo in the UK rather than NWC. The vessel will take the first available berth in Liverpool, with an ETA of 13.11.20.

In line with the increased operational challenges, we refer you to Clause 19 – MATTERS ADVERSELY AFFECTING CARRIER’S PERFORMANCE – in our Bill of Lading and subclause 19.1c and we respectfully remind you that it is the Merchant’s responsibility to collect the containers and return them to MSC at the designated depot within the free time conditions agreed.

Using our extensive UK port network, with national road and rail connections, we have mobilised limited logistic resources to enable us to support affected customers and will attempt, if required, to offer onward national landside transport to deliver your cargo to its final destination. MSC representatives are available should you wish to discuss new landside terms and conditions.

During these exceptionally challenging market conditions, our priority is to provide the best available solutions to our customers by maximising the full breadth of our UK port and landside network.

For any additional questions relating to this service deviation, please contact your usual MSC representative.