Cashew Nuts in the Spotlight for MSC in 2024


The cashew nut is one of the most popular nuts in the world, with demand coming from all over. MSC stands ready to support exporters for the 2024 cashew season. As the global leader in transport and logistics solutions, MSC’s worldwide network has the appropriate resources and in-depth expertise to provide exporters with all the support they need.

The role of agricultural commodities such as cashew nuts for the economic development of Africa cannot be understated. Through our long experience in Africa and the strong partnerships across the cashew industry, MSC provides expert-level services to match the specific needs of exporters. 

Our teams in Africa offer:

  • A wide range of equipment and transport methods to match your needs
  • Specifically trained local experts, dedicated to crafting tailor-made approaches to fit your needs
  • Dedicated cashew warehouses
  • Documentation support
  • Inland and intermodal transport
  • Fast and reliable transit times 

Did you know that the Ivory Coast produces over 800’000 tonnes1 of cashew nuts per year?

This year, MSC is delighted to be once again participating and sponsoring the Journées Nationales des Exportateurs de Cajou (JNEC), taking place from the 14 to 16 February 2024 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. With a wide variety of industry actors present at the event, it’s an opportunity to engage and have MSC experts explain our expertise, reliability, and flexibility in handling peak season cashew exports.

It is only fitting that the Ivory Coast, as one of the leading cashew nut producers in Africa and the world, is host to such an event. Bringing together actors from across the cashew nut industry, it offers the opportunity to connect and forge new relationships as well as maintain our existing ties. 

The conference provides a great opportunity to learn more about the latest developments in the cashew sector and to showcase MSC’s contributions to the industry. We are also keen to meet and network with other industry leaders as well as share our shipping and logistics knowledge and experiences with attendees.

Connecting with cashew exporters highlights our commodity-specific expertise and the varied logistics services that enable end-to-end distribution. 

Connecting producers in Africa with buyers from around the globe, MSC stands ready to support for your cashew export needs.

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1Source: Our World in Data