MSC talks Smart Containers and Blockchain at Shanghai Digitalization Summit


MSC talks Smart Containers and Blockchain at Shanghai Digitalization Summit


André Simha, Chief Digital & Information Officer at MSC, gave a keynote talk on digitalization in shipping and logistics, and took part in a panel at the IBC Marine Digitalisation Summit in Shanghai, China. The event is part of China Shipping Week, gathering together industry experts from Asia and beyond to discuss the latest developments and future trends in digitalization.

In André's talk, entitled ‘Sink or Swim: adapting to the digital revolution’, he explored how creating common information technology standards would make the industry more efficient for both customers and shipping lines.

Decades ago, the standardization of the shipping container accelerated the maritime industry and enabled the rapid growth of the global trade. As the industry evolved, complexity increased, and attempts to harmonize technology and data standards across container carriers, logistics companies and ports have not yet paved the way for the digitalization revolution.

In an increasingly digital, on-demand world, customer expectations are higher than ever for solutions such as smart containers. MSC is at the forefront of the smart containerization of our industry, through its partnership with Traxens, our preferred supplier. MSC is also pioneering the use of blockchain in the maritime sector to improve efficiency and transparency across the supply chain, both through its own pilot initiatives and in technology projects sponsored by multiple carriers.

André also gave a short update on the latest plans of the Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) which is working on a new blueprint and new digital standards for the sector.

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