Journey to the Heart of Ethiopian Coffee Culture


Journey to the Heart of Ethiopian Coffee Culture


The tale of Ethiopian coffee traces back centuries to a goat herder in the misty highlands of Ethiopia. It was there, according to the legends, that coffee beans and their invigorating properties were discovered. Today this ancient brew is woven into the fabric of Ethiopian history and tradition, serving as a symbol of community and connection, and playing a vital role in the economy and cultural heritage of Ethiopia.

Renowned for the rich tastes and complex aromas, Ethiopian coffee has captivated the hearts of coffee enthusiasts around the world. This is why it is essential to preserve the integrity and authenticity of this beloved brew, ensuring each cup delivers a true taste of Ethiopia.

Efficient coffee shipping solutions are paramount to ensuring Ethiopian coffee exports reach their destination fresh, intact, and of the highest quality. They ensure your goods are delivered quickly, cost-effectively, and sustainably, giving your rich roasts a competitive edge in the market.

Demand for Ethiopian coffee continues to emerge and grow in new and old markets including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

Not only is coffee deeply ingrained into Ethiopian culture, but it is indispensable to the Ethiopian economy too. With the coffee industry generating 24% of Ethiopia’s export income, it contributes significantly to the growth of the country.

A pivotal institution in shaping and nurturing this is the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) which was established in 2008. The ECX was created to modernize Ethiopia’s agricultural market. By centralizing the marketplace and enhancing price transparency, they contribute to the efficient, fair trade of coffee. On top of this, they build trust and confidence through standardization and improved market access for small farmers.

Grounds for Exploration: Ethiopia’s Coffee Growing Regions

There are three trademarked coffee-growing regions in Ethiopia: Sidamo, Yirgacheffe and Harrar. With their unique geographies and microclimates, these regions are the perfect place to grow coffee. Chemicals or additional resources aren’t needed to cultivate coffee beans in these regions. High altitudes, rich soils, ample rainfall, and perfect temperatures coupled with the experience and expertise of Ethiopian farmers, create the perfect environment. This combination produces not only premium organic coffee but also imparts a uniquely Ethiopian character to its product.

The optimal conditions of Ethiopian green coffee beans are further highlighted by their classification as Strictly High Grown (SHG) and Strictly Hard Bean (SHB). Promising consumers beans with denser, more flavourful profiles and marking the exceptional quality of Ethiopian coffee.

The Washed Process

In the washed or wet process, the outer skin or pulp is removed from the coffee cherries, and they are left to ferment before being washed and dried under the sun. This process results in cleaner, brighter coffees with crisper and more refreshing flavours.


The Natural Process

In the natural or dry process, the coffee cherries are laid out to dry under the sun with the pulp intact, allowing them to absorb the sugars of the fruit before being hulled. This process results in richer, fruitier coffees with smooth, velvety flavours.


The Honey Process

In the honey or pulped natural process, the outer skin or pulp is removed but some of the mucilage is left on the bean for the drying process. This method results in coffees with a blend of washed and natural flavour profiles, clean and complex, crisp, and fruity.


Harvesting coffee in Ethiopia  

The main harvesting period in Ethiopia is between October and February with coffee shipping taking place between 3-4 months after harvest.

Refresh your Shipping Strategy: Ethiopian Coffee Export Essentials

Shipping coffee from Ethiopia requires a strategic approach to navigate logistical challenges, maintain quality standards, and meet rising global demand. There are a couple of best practices which can elevate your coffee imports or exports, such as:

Teaming up with a shipping provider who is experienced in handling coffee exports ensures your precious cargo is managed reliably and efficiently. With the guidance of an expert shipping and logistics company, you can rest assured that your customer experience is optimized and memorable from start to finish.

Steam Ahead of the Competition with MSC

Efficient coffee shipping solutions are essential to preserving the exceptional quality and authenticity of Ethiopian coffee. Meticulous care and precision can ensure these exports reach coffee lovers around the world with their delicate flavours and aromas intact.

At MSC, our coffee shipping and logistics solutions are brewed to perfection. Drawing on decades of experience and expertise, we can ensure your coffee shipments are handled with care every step of the way so that your coffee cargo outpaces the competition.

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