Connecting Continents: Bringing Brazilian Melons to Europe and Beyond


Connecting Continents: Bringing Brazilian Melons to Europe and Beyond


In Europe, melon consumption has soared in recent years. The fruit has evolved from a summertime treat to a year-round staple, with a spike in demand around Christmas and a reliance on Brazilian imports. Quality is critical: end consumers expect freshness, great taste and a consistent appearance. As a result, producers in Brazil have seen a rapid rise in export volumes and a need for faster, more reliable logistics solutions. Find out how MSC’s global network, solid expertise and advanced reefer technology help Agrícola Famosa to thrive in this competitive market.

A race against time
Since it was founded in 1995, Agrícola Famosa has become Brazil’s number one melon producer and exporter, with over 30,000 hectares of productive land and more than 9,000 employees during peak season.

When it comes to harvesting and shipping the company’s sustainably grown melons, time is of the essence. The farm is based in a hot, semi-arid region, and many of its customers are thousands of miles away in the UK, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy, to name a few. The fruit must be delivered as quickly as possible in order to preserve its quality and maximise shelf life.

With decades of experience in transporting perishable goods over long distances, MSC has been shipping Agrícola Famosa’s produce to Europe since 2017 and to the Middle East since 2019.

A seamless journey from farm to fork
To meet Agrícola Famosa’s needs, MSC put together a customised shipping solution. The melons are transported by truck from the farm to the port, then shipped across the Atlantic and delivered directly to customers.

Throughout its journey, the fruit remains in secure reefer containers. These refrigerated units use state-of-the-art technology to control temperature, humidity and ventilation, keeping the fruit in perfect condition from loading to delivery.

“Since we began working with Agrícola Famosa back in 2017, the volume of melons shipped has grown by 215%, and our partnership has grown too,” explains Daniel Soares, MSC Fortaleza Branch Manager, MSC Brazil. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration in future, with many new projects on the horizon.”

“With MSC, the whole operation works very well. I appreciate their reliability and the quality of their equipment, and the customer service is excellent.”– Carlo Porro, CEO Agrícola Famosa

Flexibility and scalability
Thanks to its global network and in-depth understanding of local markets, MSC is able to offer competitive rates and fast transit times. The company also has the flexibility to adapt to customers’ varying needs. For example, additional containers and vessel space can be arranged at short notice during peak season, or routes to new destinations can be added.

MSC’s transportation and logistics services enable businesses of all sizes to move produce safely and efficiently from one continent to another, facilitating international trade and helping emerging markets to grow.

Find out more
Interested in finding out more about MSC and Agrícola Famosa’s partnership? Download the case study for details.

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