Forming Strong Roots in the Forestry Sector


Forming Strong Roots in the Forestry Sector


Pulp, paper, and forestry goods are a notable part of the cargo that MSC carries all around the world. For example, in Scandinavia, the Baltic states and Central Europe, some countries’ exports are made up of up to 50% of this type of cargo. As well as within Europe, we have a strong global presence within the industry through our offices in key regions such as Asia, Africa and the Americas.

With a year-round season, there is never a dull moment in this fascinating sector. Find out how we work with Binderholz, one of Europe’s leading timber and forestry companies, to meet their global cargo transportation needs.

Constant Effort

With a hectic, year-round schedule, forestry and timber can be an overwhelming business if you’re not organised, lack the right approach, or don’t have the right partners. Compared to products such as fresh fruits, where there are specific growing seasons, this presents an entirely different set of challenges and needs for our customers. 

 Martin Sigl, Head of Logistics at Binderholz, explains: “We consider 355 of the 365 days in a year as ‘peak season’. This means we have a daily demand for logistics.” This demand requires constant oversight and maintenance but can also be a positive thing. Sigl adds that “Our need is stable and predictable, which enables us to grow strong relationships with our logistics partners.” 

This need for constant, reliable, services led Binderholz to search for a certain kind of partner, says Sigl: “We need partners able to provide equipment and services all year round to support our business and its growth,” and that’s where MSC came in. He adds, “MSC makes it easy to move our products from A to B and they can take care of everything along the way. It’s a win-win situation for us.”

MSC’s position as a global market leader enables us to provide global solutions that can be tailor-made to fit customers’ needs. In offices around the world, we have MSC people who know the ins-and-outs of the cargo, who can react to and anticipate the various needs that may arise and can ensure scalability and expert-level services. Our teams’ experience ensures that we can deliver great long-term partnerships with any customer needing to transport pulp, paper, or forestry goods. 

Long-Term Thinking

Founded in Austria in 1950, Binderholz remains to this day a family-owned-and-operated company. They have grown to become a global industry leader, with operations across the world. After starting as just a sawmill, the company built on their passion for wood and expanded to work in a variety of areas within the timber sector. 

“We prioritize our family values of passion, quality, and appreciation for our colleagues and partners and like to see that reflected in our partners,” Sigl says.

Services to Match Needs

With a presence in all the key markets for forestry and other wood and paper products, MSC is ready to work out any needs our customers may have, whether part of a tender process, or on-demand, and create tailor-made solutions that fit perfectly. Frequent sailings and flexible capacity on ships at critical ports worldwide gives us the ability to work with clients who have constant need and support their growth at every stage. 

We also have the right technology available, at the right place and time. Equipment, inland depots, fumigation, inland and at-sea transportation infrastructure are all part of our multimodal offering to ensure cargo can get seamlessly from A to B. Complementing these assets, MSC’s digital solutions, such as eBL technology,  provide customers with easy-to-use, flexible and reliable online shipping management solutions.

Our transportation and logistics services enable businesses of all sizes to move goods safely and efficiently from one continent to another, facilitating international trade and helping markets to grow. As Martin Sigl puts it: “MSC’s global reach is a pillar we can rely on to reach customers all around the world. Wherever we want to go, they can get us there.”

 Thanks to Binderholz for sharing this success story with us. Find out how you can start your partnership with MSC by contacting your local expert

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