MSC Belgium Launches Pioneering Technology: ID-Based Container Pick-up


MSC Belgium Launches Pioneering Technology: ID-Based Container Pick-up


MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company is the first shipping company in the world to launch ID-based container pick-up, following a successful test phase with Van Moer Logistics and MSC PSA European Terminal (MPET) in 2022. This technology allows MSC containers to be released for transport using ID and biometric data, rather than a PIN code, improving security across the supply chain.  

ID-based container pick-up  

The ID-based pick-up process is part of the ongoing rollout of Secure Container Release (SCR) at MPET, which allows MSC containers to be collected at the terminal by scanning the haulier’s Alfapass, biometric data and specific Truck Appointment Reference (TAR) code at the In-Gate, instead of using a PIN code. This combined approach makes the pick-up process more secure and efficient. 

Technology experts T-Mining invested more than five years developing and testing the underlying blockchain technology, used by SCR, which MSC has successfully tested with partners Van Moer Logistics and MPET.  

MSC was one of the first carriers to pilot T-Mining's SCR technology almost three years ago. The project is now entering the final phase of its rollout, the objective of which is to enable a 100% PIN-code-free, secure process for container release. MSC and MPET are currently the only companies to have reached this final stage, which will improve security across the supply chain.  

Preparing for SCR  

From 1 June 2023, taking out a container at MPET will no longer be possible with a PIN code. It will therefore be necessary for everyone involved in the supply chain to prepare accordingly and make it possible to transfer the release of a container via SCR.  

By transferring the container release rights directly, instead of downloading a PIN code, SCR is in line with current harbor police regulation in Antwerp and the ID-based pick-up technology is further future-proofed by integrating biometric information into the collection process. 

Integrating this technology will increase security for employees and cargo across the supply chain. More information on how to prepare is available here: