Sesame: From Africa with Love



Sesame is one of the most popular ingredients around the world. Used in food, for oil, or as an ingredient in non-food products such as cosmetics, the small seed is rich in vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to everyone. People have known about the benefits of the plant for a long time: it’s been cultivated in Asia and Africa for over 5000 years!


Every year, more than one million tons of sesame are exported from Africa all around the world. MSC transports this critical African export across the world with principal destinations in Asia and the Middle East. With operations in Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Sudan, Djibouti and Kenya MSC is proud to work with partners across Africa. 


MSC operates as a major market transporter of sesame in these markets and considers it a key piece of our services for the region, supporting both intra-Africa and international trade. Working together with our subsidiary MEDLOG, we operate door-to-door intermodal solutions with dedicated depots and warehouses along the way. 

Did you know?
Sesame oil is not just for cooking: it’s used in wide variety of different cosmetic products! Moisturizers, lipstick and other makeup products, sunscreen, skin cleansers, and hair products all can contain this versatile oil.

Our local experts use their knowledge of the commodity value chain for sesame in combination with our strong intermodal networks to set up the optimal transportation solutions for our customers. We work with each customer to make sure their needs are met and find the best way to get their cargo from its starting point to its destination. 


As your partner for sesame transportation, MSC brings:

  • Dedicated teams with local knowledge and sesame expertise
  • Tailored logistics solutions to customers’ needs
  • Intermodal solutions via our subsidiary MEDLOG
  • Regular trade services from Africa to Asia, North America, and Europe
  • Fast and reliable transit times
  •  24/7 container availability and customer support
  •  Flexible options to account for seasonal fluctuations

Contact your local MSC representatives if you’re interested in learning more about MSC and sesame transport.


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