Trade Australia, New Zealand to Europe

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. announces the following freight rates as from June 01st 2018 until further notice but not beyond 30th June 2018.

All Prices are in US Dollars unless otherwise specified.


  • SCS (SUEZ CANAL SURCHARGE):  $35 USD / 20 DV - $70 USD / 40 DV-HC
  • PCS (PANAMA CANAL SURCHARGE) when applicable:  $160 USD / 20 DV - $320 USD /40 DV-HC
  • FAK excludes all IMO Category commodities and high value commodities.
  • Local and contingency charges may also apply, for further information please contact your MSC local agent.
  • Tariffs for other port pairs on the trade, commodities and container types (including reefers) that are not listed above may also be subject to increases. Please contact your MSC local agent for queries related to commodities not included in FAK rates, port pairs, or specific equipment or other pricing information not included in this Price Announcement.
  • MSC Agencies’ standard terms and conditions apply including MSC’s standard Bill of Lading, see Unless otherwise specified on MSC agencies’ standard terms and conditions, MSC shall allow 3 days’ free time to collect and return the container.
  • For Price Items that are accessible only by a link from this Price Announcement, the price of the Item may change. Therefore, you must check the Price of the linked item on the same day that you contact your MSC Local Agent for a quotation.