Fire on Maersk Honam - Discharging Operations Update

Dear customers,

We refer to our previous communications in respect of the fire onboard the vessel “Maersk Honam” 806W.

The hotspots have been almost extinguished and the vessel is now tentatively expected to berth by week 22 (starting on 22 May) when the discharging operations will commence. If everything proceeds as planned, the operations are estimated to last 4 to 7 days.

We respectfully remind you that it is imperative to ensure that your insurers submit the GA and Salvage security bonds to allow release.

Salvors have confirmed this morning their demand for salvage security in height of 42.5%. An additional 11.5% is required by Richard Hogg Lindley (“RHL”) as GA deposit. The submission of the GA and Salvage securities is a prerequisite for the cargo to be released for on-carriage from Jebel Ali.

We are distributing to you along with this notice the Average Bond, Average Guarantee and ISU1 Salvage guarantee documents, for your easy reference.

Following completion of the discharging operations, the containers identified as potentially damaged will undergo an inspection at Jebel Ali and relevant customers will be invited to be represented at a joint inspection.

Containers that are identified as sound will be loaded at first opportunity to reach their final destination, provided GA and Salvage securities have been submitted and released confirmed by RHL.

In the event of a damage identified after delivery, joint inspections can be arranged by contacting your local MSC agency.