Rumänien mit der Welt verbinden

MSC unterstützt Kunden seit 1999 beim Transport von Fracht von und nach Rumänien. Mit 2 Hauptzubringerdiensten, die die Welt über die wichtigsten Umschlagplätze von Tekirdag und Gioia Tauro verbinden, bleibt MSC Romania in der etablierten ersten Position auf dem rumänischen Schifffahrtsmarkt.

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Detention, demurrage, Per Diem and storage charges

What are storage charges? 
A storage charge is applicable, after the free time expires, for containers left inside the container terminal  (for the use of the land). 

What is demurrage? 
Demurrage is the charge applicable, after the free time expires, inside the terminal for the use of the land.  

What is detention? 
Detention is the charge applicable, after the free time expires, for the use of the carrier’s container (full or empty) outside the marine terminal. For import, the timeframe is from the date the full container is picked up from the terminal until it is returned empty, whereas for export, the timeframe is between the date the empty container is picked up from the terminal until it is returned full, customs cleared and ready to be shipped. 

Questions about storage, demurrage or detention charges? 
Contact our import and export teams at: Import Dept: or Export Dept:  

SOLAS VGM information

What is VGM?

Verified Gross Mass or VGM refers to the exact, verified weight of a packed container. For safety reasons, vessel operators can only load a container if its weight has been verified.

In line with SOLAS (Safety of Lives at Sea) regulations, all marine terminals in the USA are now allowed to use their certified scales to record Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of shipments.


What do I need to include in my VGM instructions?

You must include the following on all VGM instructions: 

  • Booking or Bill of Lading (BL) number 

  • Container number 

  • VGM + weight measurement unit (lbs. or kgs.) 

  • Responsible Party Name 

  • Digital signature of the authorised signatory in all CAPITAL LETTERS.


How can I submit my VGM instructions?


Guidelines for submitting your VGM instructions

  • The Verified Gross Mass (VGM) must be sent within the cut offs, immediately after stuffing

  • If you cannot determine the VGM, we can provide this service at the container terminal in Constanta, but the request must be placed at the time of the booking.

  • The weighting can be done exceptionally after container is gated in, but there will be additional costs involved.

  • There is currently no “NO VGM – No GATE” policy. 


MSC admin fees and costs 

  • Manual VGM Submission Fee (applies to email, fax, and inclusion on standard shipping instructions): 5 USD per container. 

  • Late VGM Submission Fee: 10 USD per container. 

  • VGM Misdeclaration Fee: 70 USD per misdeclaration + weighting costs, per container.


Questions about VGM?

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Prohibited cargo


We do not accept personal effects (households, cars etc). The only exception is diplomatic cargo based on provided Embassy letter.

For any special cargo (eg. any waste cargo type, scrap, residues, dangerous cargo, oog cargo), it is compulsory to check with our office prior accepting the booking.

Contact our import team at: or



While there are no specific forbidden cargos for export from Romania, we follow the line’s specific instructions that might appear. We suggest checking with our team before placing the bookings in order to make sure no restrictions have been enforced.

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What we offer

At MSC, we believe that global success depends on local solutions and local expertise. Our customer services teams are always available for any information or guidance requested. A range of services to support customers shipping to or from Romania:


  • Inland services throughout the country

We offer door to door services both in import and in export.



  • Container weighting for VGM

If you are not able to determine the VGM for our containers at your premise, we can wight it for you upon gate in in the terminal. We will revert to you with the weighting ticket and you can declare the VGM on the website or we can declare it for you.


  • Cargo Insurance

We can now offer cargo insurance. For more details please contact our import and export teams at: Import Dept: or Export Sales Dept:


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Container-Verwiegung (VGM)

Alle MSC-Büros vor Ort verfügen über zertifizierte Waagen zur Aufzeichnung und Überprüfung des Containergewichts (verifizierte Bruttomasse oder VGM) in Übereinstimmung mit den SOLAS-Vorschriften (Safety of Lives at Sea). VGM-Anweisungen sind aus Sicherheitsgründen für alle Sendungen obligatorisch, und die Schiffsbetreiber können einen Container nur dann beladen, wenn sein Gewicht ordnungsgemäß überprüft wurde. Wenden Sie sich an Ihr MSC-Team vor Ort, um weitere Informationen und Unterstützung zu erhalten.
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