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Connecting South Korea to the world

MSC has been operating in South Korea since 1999 and started operations locally by offering three port calls weekly – on the Silk service to Europe, on the Wallaby service to Australia, and on the Golden Gate service to US West Coast.  

MSC has grown its business locally over the years. Currently it has a total staff strength of over 100 in its Seoul and Busan offices.   

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Ports and Terminals

MSC Korea has services calling at the following ports in Korea

Terminal Name MSC Code  Port  Country  UNCode 
Pusan Newport Company Limited  KRPUSPN  Busan  Republic of Korea  KRPUS 
 Pusan New Port International Terminal (PNIT) KRPUSAB  Busan  Republic of Korea  KRPUS 
Gwangyang Port West Container Terminal  KRKANKT  Gwangyang  Republic of Korea  KRKAN 
 Incheon Container Terminal (ICT) KRINCAH  Incheon  Republic of Korea  KRINC 


Hazardous Cargo

 For Local Cargo ( Import & Export )*

- All categories of IMCO Class 6.2 are prohibited. Others are acceptable but special approvals/arrangement to be conducted for IMCO 1, 2 & 7.
- IMCO Class 2 is not allowed to be stored at terminal and should be directly delivered from/to shipside. - RF DG cargoes are not available to store at terminals in KOREA. Therefore, direct delivery is required for both import and export.

*For T/S cargo ( via BUSAN )*
- T/S cargo including IMCO 1, 6.2 & 7 is strictly not allowed.
- Because T/S cargo of IMO 2 / Reefer DG are not allowed to be stored at terminal, Additional local cost is incurred in Busan, in accordance with Pusan Port Authority

Prohibited cargo

IMCO class 6.2 is not acceptable for both import and export

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