MSC signs exclusive partnership with Orca Social


MSC signs exclusive partnership with Orca Social


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, 7th MAY, 2015. MSC Mediterranean Shipping Group has signed an exclusive partnership with the social media consultancy Orca Social Ltd.   Over the past 45 years the family-owned shipping company, headquartered in Geneva, has maintained a modest approach to communications.

“Historically, we have communicated with our customers on a one-to-one, offline basis.  New technology allows people and companies to communicate in new and exciting ways.” explains Joe Cook, MSC’s Global Marketing Manager.

Indeed, developments at MSC have already begun…

In January 2015 the company launched, a new global website that provides much more information about the company, its subsidiaries, management structure and, of course, the company’s services. And now, MSC has also decided to partner with Orca Social, a London-based B2B social media consultancy.

“The key to MSC’s success has always been building quality relationships with our customers; this strategy isn’t about to change.   Our ambition for MSC’s social media strategy is to talk with customers in a way that’s right for them.  This might be over a coffee, or on the phone and soon, it could be online too. Social media and other technologies present us with an exciting opportunity to improve our overall service to customers” says Joe Cook.


One of the co-founders of Orca Social, Jonathan Wichmann, is no stranger to the world of global container shipping and social media.  Between 2011-2013 he brought another container shipping line to social media fame, winning numerous awards for his efforts.

“This new partnership will in no way be about replicating what I did previously,” says Jonathan Wichmann. He continues:

“MSC is a very different company from their competitor, and the social media landscape has changed a great deal since 2011. Today, it’s not just about volume. It’s about connecting more with the people who really matter to your business. If you look at MSC’s history and the company’s DNA you realise it’s really what they’ve always been doing.  The time has now come to formalize it with the expert services of Orca”