MSC Breaks Ground on New Office in Charleston


MSC Breaks Ground on New Office in Charleston


MSC USA is proud to announce the groundbreaking of its new office in Charleston, South Carolina. The ceremony, attended by MSC’s CEO, Soren Toft, underscores Charleston’s pivotal role in MSC USA’s operations since 1993. Recognized for its strategic port location, Charleston serves as a key gateway to the Atlantic Ocean and global markets, making it an ideal hub for its activities.

Charleston has been instrumental in MSC USA’s growth, transforming from an office with just two employees to a major operational center with 497 staff members. The city’s rich talent pool, exceptional work-life balance, and business-friendly environment have been crucial in this expansion. Despite challenges such as increased cost-of-living and traffic, Charleston remains a top location for MSC USA employees, thanks to its blend of professional opportunities and quality of life.

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The new office, to be named after the late Jerry Baldwin, a key figure in Charleston's maritime community, will expand MSC USA’s capacity significantly. The existing office, built in 2009, accommodates 383 employees. The new facility will add space for 137 more, bringing the total to 520 by late summer 2025. This expansion marks the transition from a single office to an MSC campus, reflecting the maturity and importance of the Charleston office within MSC USA’s network.

The new building will host many corporate functions, including Bids and Tenders, Business Transformation, Procurement, Customer Experience, and Marine Operations. It will also house 80% of MSC USA’s Finance Department. This expansion is a testament to the high level of development achieved by the Charleston office, solidifying its role as an essential pillar of MSC USA’s operations and its future growth.

MSC USA looks forward to continuing its investment in Charleston, enhancing its services, and contributing to the region’s development and prosperity for many years to come.