MSC Speaks about Decarbonisation at Greentech in Shipping Virtual Forum


MSC Speaks about Decarbonisation at Greentech in Shipping Virtual Forum


During his speech titled ‘The Route to Zero-Carbon Shipping: Acting Now, Investing in the Future’ Bud will discuss why there has to be a massive injection of energy and capital into R&D efforts to bring alternative fuels and alternative propulsion technologies to the marketplace to decarbonise shipping in the long term.

Today, the only commercially available options to significantly reduce emissions from the shipping industry at scale are improving energy efficiency, LNG or biofuels. None of these are going to provide a long-term or full solution alone but can be seen as important pieces of the puzzle to reduce emissions. In addition to MSC’s massive efforts to continuously improve energy efficiency, the company has pioneered the use of up to 45% responsibly-sourced biofuel blends at scale within the existing fleet. Using large volumes of biofuel blends helps companies to reduce their carbon footprint and also makes a difference in other localised pollutants.

When we look at the long-term options, the future of shipping and decarbonisation will rely on strong partnerships from both the perspective of technology collaboration and procurement. In addition to its wider approach to decarbonisation, MSC contributes actively to the work of industry groups and coalitions such as Getting to Zero Coalition, as well as initiatives designed to facilitate cross-sector information sharing such as the Hydrogen Council. As a steering member, MSC is taking concrete steps to help accelerate the development of clean hydrogen fuels for shipping.

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